Deliver Us Mars Overview: Graphics Are Crash Landing on Launch

Deliver Us Mars is categorized among the AAA game titles of the year for its storyline, but unfortunately, it is not the same for performance.

KeokeN Interactive gave us a storyline that got me hooked with curiosity. Deliver Us Mars is the new title to its prequel, Deliver Us Moon, which was one of the first games to receive ray tracing and DLSS.

The newly released Deliver Us Mars is expected to support DLSS 3 for a smoother gameplay experience at higher frame rates. Cheers to the glorious PC master race who are running Nvidia GPUs.

On the other hand, console players have a different perspective on performance and optimization. Since we cannot play with the graphics settings on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, I experienced fluctuating frame rates during various cutscenes.

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So how well delivered was the optimization and performance element in Deliver Us Mars? In this article, The CPU Guide will bring you graphical optimization and performance insights on Deliver Us Mars.

Deliver Us Mars Graphics Issues on Consoles

I felt a bit disappointed with Deliver Us Mars performing poorly as a next-gen console game, as I experienced several ignorable yet disappointing issues in the game, which are discussed below.

Inconsistent Frame Rates

The worst thing a gamer can complain about is the frame rates the game has to offer. We already know there are no options to adjust the graphics settings on consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. Therefore, we have to keep our patience and go with what the game is automatically optimized for.

Deliver Us Mars Gameplay

Still, while playing Deliver Us Mars on PlayStation 5, I felt the game kept dropping frame rates from 60 to 20-ish. The only thing I expect while playing a game on a console is constant frame rates, so I can enjoy smooth gameplay, and it looks like KeokeN couldn’t deliver us that either.

Bad Animations

For those who don’t know, Deliver Us Mars is also one of the games that suffered various delays due to development improvements and graphics enhancement. Still, there is a small yet annoying issue with the character’s facial animations.

Kathy Talking in Deliver Us Mars

Besides the pre-rendered cutscenes, I could barely notice characters moving their lips while talking to each other. For a AAA title releasing in 2023, this is unexpected. I hope the Day One patch will fix these issues to enhance the gameplay experience.

Poor Brightness

Deliver Us Mars gave me a glimpse of doomsday as there were several locations in the game where I could barely see anything. Some of the portions in the game were so dark that I had to strike in the laser beam to find my way through.

Poor Brightness in Deliver Us Mars

So, I suggest turning up the brightness before playing the game, but you may have to adjust it often as it is not the same for the whole game.

Screen Stuttering

Regarding screen loading time, I’d say it’s above average on PlayStation 5, but nothing too impressive. Now the unbearable part is the screen stuttering that occurs in various cutscenes and during more intense graphics during the gameplay.

image 60

At first, I thought perhaps something was wrong with my console’s hardware, or maybe it was a game feature to display glitchy cinematics since it’s a sci-fi adventure game. Unfortunately, I was wrong, and it was the game’s optimization that caused constant screen tearing.

Deliver Us Mars Performance on PC

PC gamers are enjoying a rather smooth gameplay experience thanks to Nvidia’s DLSS 3 support. Based on the official benchmarks claimed by Nvidia, Deliver Us Mars will give 120 FPS on average, powered by RTX GeForce 4070Ti. The best thing about PC gaming is that you can adjust the graphics for a personalized gaming experience.

Nvidia GPU Benchmarks for Deliver Us Mars

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However, the game suffered a sudden crash on launch due to multiple reasons like screen stuttering, which was also experienced on the console. Other issues, like the manual saving option and game loading chapters, are still the same as the game’s version on the console.

Final Words

In conclusion, Deliver Us Mars did pretty well with the engaging storytelling compared to the graphics optimization performance element. As for those who are more into the storyline, the game will seem more interesting if you have played the prequel Deliver Us, Moon from 2018.

Have you played Deliver Us Mars yet? Share your experience with us in the comments.


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