Top 10 Professions Related To Computer Games

You may be surprised, but the first computer games appeared in the middle of the XX century. Of course, no one then could have imagined that the gaming industry would grow to such a huge scale: in 2022, the gaming industry could bring $200 billion in profit, and the total number of gamers around the world could exceed 3 billion people.

Nowadays, gaming is a profitable business, and every new game is developed by a whole group of professionals. Do you know what specialists are needed to create a game, and what each of them does? About this – in our article.

#1: Game Designer

The game designer thinks through and develops the concept of the product. He has a big responsibility: you need to come up with characters, dialogues, and the very idea of the game in order to arouse interest.

A mandatory requirement is that a specialist must be comprehensively developed – after all, knowledge will be required not only in the field of design, but also in geography, history, and even biology.

Game Designer Job Description 1

#2: Artist

After developing the concept of the game, the artists start drawing the characters, and the landscape in 2D or 3D models. On his shoulders is the process of creating a user interface.

Everything that players see on their computer monitor, including key elements and invisible details, is the result of the artist’s work. You have to do this from scratch to its logical conclusion, so the work will require programming skills, the ability to draw, and creativity.

video game designer education

#3: Level/Map Designer

Now we need to work out the game levels in detail, and fill the space with objects, locations, environments, and much more. Using special programs, the level/map designer logically builds the course of the game.

This is necessary so that the player receives not only a clear task but also the pleasure of a high-quality gaming environment. The main requirement is well-developed logical thinking and rich practice.


#4: Sound Designer

To keep the player in good shape, you also need is high-quality sound, which makes the game truly dynamic, memorable, and unique.

Composers come up with a variety of melodies, sometimes using the cries of animals and the sounds of the surrounding world. Needless to say, musical education and a rich imagination will come in handy in the work.

Sound designing

#5: Programmer

Programmers implement the ideas proposed by the designer. They are developing both the games themselves and the software for them.

The area of ​​activity of a specialist at this level includes the creation and development of motion simulations, collisions, graphics, and three-dimensional models, as well as support for a system of various commands for solving problems within the game.

Gambar Programmer Professional

#6: Tester

Then testers come into play. It is they who must find all the errors, bugs, and inconsistencies before the game goes on sale. This is a kind of game hacker. In various ways, he tries to crack the game’s code, checking its security.

The basics of testing are taught in special courses, work experience is welcome. If you want, for example, to work as a game tester at Microsoft, study the relevant vacancies.

Gaming Testing

#7: Project Manager

Unlike the rest, the project manager (PM) sees the situation as a whole, and his task is to coordinate the actions of all other workers.

The PM distributes responsibilities, sets deadlines for completing tasks, and it is he who is responsible for the timely release of the product to the market.


#8: PR Manager

The game should be not only interesting, but also profitable, so the product needs good advertising. The PR department is engaged in the promotion of game content on the market: they contact advertising platforms, sponsors, and consumers, arrange presentations and exhibitions and write advertising texts.

PR 2

#9: Author of the Articles

Producing and advertising are good, but you can’t do without good content. Most often, the authors work in a freelance format or remotely: they write reviews, news, previews, and reviews.

Relevant and interesting content helps attract players to the site and increases conversion and sales. The ability to write beautifully, competently, and enticingly is valued here.

Blogger de en es

#10: Streamer

Streamers show their actions during the game in a live broadcast or recording format with their own voiceover of the process.

To get started on streaming, you need to create your own channel on the streaming platform. With the most interesting and active users who gather a large audience, the owners of the game enter into a cooperation agreement.

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Of course, these are not all professions related to computer games. There are software developers, and masters who invent and assemble game consoles and other devices for games, and more than a hundred different directions.

The gaming industry is gaining momentum around the world and it is quite possible that professions that no one even suspects today will become quite real tomorrow, which means they will need their own professionals.


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