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Deliver Us Mars: Will it Be a Hit Like its Prequel? | [Overview by TCG]

Deliver Us Mars will be the first of many Sci-Fi games releasing in 2023. So, will it become a hit or flop in the rising competition?

Let’s find out

The upcoming sci-fi adventure game Deliver Us Mars by KeokeN Interactive is a sequel to the award-winning Deliver Us Moon, which is why I have lodged high hopes for the game. Looking at the calendar for the upcoming games in February 2023, I see many titles are going out of space this year.

The initial look at the release trailer expands on the story of the game, which seems a fusion of sci-fi and survival adventure. In the game, we play Kathy Johanson while exploring Mars to unravel the story of the colony that has been established there.

Apart from the storyline, will Deliver Us Mars be able to win as much recognition as its prequel, Deliver Us Moon?

In this article, The CPU Guide will give a detailed analysis of the storyline and demo gameplay to state whether Deliver Us Mars will be a hit.

Deliver Us Mars: Demo Gameplay

After having some hands-on experience with the demo gameplay, I realized it’s pretty much similar to any other survival-adventure game. In the beginning, we have to explore the abandoned colony while exploring the remains of the building and unwrapping the mysteries using some sci-fi technology.

Deliver Us Mars Gameplay Preview

The game developers did a pretty good job of making the adventurous climbing and survival experience more realistic, as we had to pass various walls using pick axes. As the game’s story progressed, I encountered many realistic-looking climate changes, which I had to be vigilant about. Otherwise, it’s a mission failure. I must admit that I had to press retry more than I expected. But it was fun.

Climbing Walls in Deliver Us Mars

The gameplay seems similar yet enhanced compared to the prequel, Deliver Us Moon, from 2018. In my opinion, the climbing game mechanics in Deliver Us Mars seemed more like the Lara Croft Tomb Raider type of game where you have to survive, fight, and unravel mysteries to find some unanswered questions.

Deliver Us Mars Storyline

The whole process of uncovering the mysteries on Mars seems pretty exciting yet scary at the same time, as the planet seems way more secluded for a pre-established colony.

Deliver Us Mars Cinematic Cutscenes

I encountered a lot of cinematics where a hologram revealed the set of events that previously took place at certain locations, which seems like there was a lot of disagreement among the team members who colonized Mars.

Besides uncovering the mysteries of what happened on Mars and finding the colorization ships known as ARKS, Kathy has the motivation and hope to find out about her father, Isaac, who disappeared a few years ago on Mars.

It is still unknown whether Isaac is alive, as the flying robot Ayla shows many holograms featuring Isaac in the cinematics to give a glimpse of what could’ve happened on Mars. Well, it looks like the game developers have kept the story interesting by engaging the father-daughter relationship.

Will Deliver Us Mars Be a Hit Game?

Looking at the storyline attached to Deliver Us Mars and its piece-by-piece puzzle-style adventure gameplay, I believe the game would definitely become a hit. I noticed that the game developers are focusing more on the cinematic experience, which is a great way to set in the gameplay mechanics with the game environment.

Final Verdict

The Deliver Us Mars is only the beginning of sci-fi adventure games that we are going to see in 2023. There are many other games yet to be released in the upcoming months, which may give a challenging experience to hype down the game’s reputation. But until then, let us explore Mars and unravel some mysteries with Kathy.

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