YouTube Has A New Creator Liaison! Meet Rene Ritchie

Benefit From Everything Youtube Has To Offer

Meet your new Creator Liaison, Rene Ritchie. This man has come with all the might and power to help creators better understand how Youtube works, educate, empower and most of all listen to them.

The former editor-in-chief of Apple-focused site iMore will serve within Youtube as an advocate for creators, work with them so they can better understand and empathize with us and take benefit from everything Youtube has to offer.

His announcement came on Wednesday. His video announcing his new job came bloated with personalized clips from a lot of Youtube content creators, including big names like MrBeast, iJustine, MKBHD, and Mrwhosetheboss.

Rene Ritchie is a front-level soldier or the second point of contact for YouTube creators who will be looking at possibly everything at the platform level. You can also comment and let him know what’s your biggest goal for the video-sharing platform.

Different content creators poured in their suggestions and improvements to expand features like:

  1. Shorts
  2. Livestreaming
  3. Improved comment spam removal tools
  4. Transparency
  5. More analytics
  6. Audience monetization like super chat and channel memberships etc.

Although, Youtube has been responding to these complaints about (comment spam), for example.

Ritchie’s experience in product marketing, and tech media and building his own tech Youtube channel that was on Apple-centric topics (with over 328,000 subscribers), his connection with other creators, and his deep knowledge of tech make him an ideal candidate for the Youtube Liaison role.

Now, he’s here to advocate for creators inside Youtube, to help Youtube better understand and empathize with content creators and help creators better connect with Youtube and everything it has to offer, so next time the right ingredients are sprinkled into making overall better content.

Rene Ritchie will be succeeding Matt Koval, the first Youtube Creator Liaison. Matt who left YouTube in February 2020 was a creator-turned-Youtube employee who was there with the platform for roughly a decade.

His efforts as a Youtube Creator Liaison included his role as an advocate for creators internally, helping explain YouTube to the outside world via social media, blog posts, videos, and events.

Rene Ritchie, our new Youtube Creator Liaison knows the Youtube creator community inside and out and he has assumed the dedicated Youtube Creator Liaison Twitter account, with his face as the account’s avatar, and home to 6,158 followers.

YouTube creators have given him a warm welcome and the community has high hopes over things get sorted out!

What do you think and what would you like to be changed?

Let me know in the comments below!

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