Resident Evil 4: Remake| Everything we Know So Far

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Resident Evil 4: Remake| Everything we Know So Far

After so many rumors and leaks,

Capcom finally confirms that Resident Evil 4: Remake is coming.

Capcom revealed this news in June’s State of Play.

Among the gaming community, Resident Evil 4 is the most famed game in the horror category and is available on almost every platform.

Resident Evil 4: Remake| Everything we Know So Far

Think what a remake will do to this game!

Maybe it’ll add more horror?

Here’s everything we know about Resident Evil 4: Remake.

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Release Date:

In PlayStation‘s June State of Plan, Resident Evil 4: Remake’s release date was revealed. Resident Evil 4: Remake is set to launch on 24th March 2023.

I know, I know, we still have to wait for almost a year. But the time will pass and soon you will be able to play Leon’s story in the Village.

Resident Evil 4: Remake will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S, and PC via Steam.

Game’s Storyline:

Capcom said that the original storyline is not changing in the remake. In a story reimagined from the 2005’s original Resident Evil 4 title, you’ll dive into the life of Leon Kennedy, who invades a terrifying Spanish village to find the President’s daughter, “Ashley”, who has been kidnapped.

Upon his arrival in the village, he finds out that the people in the village are infected by “Las Plagas” and have become hostile variations of zombie-like creatures named the Ganado and the village is taken over by a cult whose name is Los Illuminados.

So are you ready to save the President’s daughter and fight some zombies?

In the trailer, we can see that we’ll have an additional character with Ada Wong.

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Resident Evil 4: Remake Improvements:

Capcom is making improvements in its older game to modernize it for the next generation. Improvements in graphics and visual fidelity will be seen.

To complete the mission, Leon will have to explore numerous locations which include:

  • The Spanish Village
  • Los Illuminados Battleship
  • University of Massachusetts
  • Salazar’s Castle
  • Research Facility Island
Resident Evil 4: Remake| Everything we Know So Far

Improvements in these locations are also expected.

For more information about Resident Evil 4: Remake, we have to wait for some more rumors and leaks.

So, are you excited about some action play?

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