Is there an English Dub version of One Piece Odyssey with Voice Actors?

As a gamer, I am really amazed by One Piece Odyssey! Not only does it capture the look of the anime perfectly, but it also features Japanese voice acting.

Yeah! so long all the gameplay Bandai Namco released featured Japanese voice acting so, like me are you wondering will One Piece Odyssey have English dub?


Some people swear by original language audio, but for others, a good dub can make all the difference. When it comes to One Piece Odyssey, there’s no dub available at the moment. While it’s possible that one could be added post-release, it seems unlikely. That means you’ll have to stick with the Japanese audio and localized subtitles for now.

In an interview about One Piece: Burning Blood, the series producer, and game director Koji Nakajima made it clear that they are using only Japanese voiceover in order to stay true to the original atmosphere of the One Piece series

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If you’re a fan of One Piece, you may be used to the games not being dubbed. In fact, the last One Piece game to receive an English-language voice track was One Piece: Unlimited Adventure, which was dubbed by the talented cast of the Funimation One Piece dub. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an English dubbed One Piece game since then.

So, let’s hope for the best that maybe we get to play with the English dubbed One Piece Odyssey.


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