Things We Liked and Disliked About the Dead Island 2

The upcoming Dead Island 2 is a bloody good combat action game that will refresh your urge to slash the zombies with no brains.

The Dead Island 2 will get us wandering around the streets of Los Angeles, making it one hell of a location to explore. This upcoming zombie-slashing first-person has more to offer than its original version, which is full of weird stuff in the ridiculous neighborhood. Dead Island 2 was announced almost a decade ago, and the developers took their time with the game, as shown in the jaw dropping trailer.

The game has relatively improved from its predecessor, The Dead Island, in many aspects; with all the flesh and slashing in high-end graphics, it is pretty wild. So, is Dead Island 2 worth playing? In this article, The CPU Guide will share the things we liked and didn’t like about The Dead Island 2.

Things We Liked About the Dead Island 2

Before we go to the criticizing elements, let us serve you the dessert by stating some aspects that make The Dead Island 2 a game worth playing.

Original But Better

The new and improved Dead Island 2 has been facing development delays for a long time, and it finally shows that all the wait seems worth it. Although it still gives the vibe of a game from the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 era, the graphics are pretty decent, and I don’t mind slashing zombies based on the old combat mechanics. The weapon striking and slow-motion finishers still give you the original Dead Island vibe, making the game more interesting.

Detailed Environment

Since the game is set to release for the new-gen consoles, there is a lot to explore in the new game. A range of missions takes us to various parts of Los Angeles. However, my personal favorite was the condos and mansions of Beverly Hills. Once you enter a house, you will find all the rooms and objects lying around, like podcast material, cars, rooftops, bars, etc.

Killing Zombies in a Mansion of Beverly Hills

The game returns to Hollywood, and the amount of detail is insane! It’s all vivid with the blood on the West Coast’s sunny sides. The shadows and lights flashing around the secluded areas give you a sense of horror with serious attention to texture and shadows. The open-world map seems small and pretty linear to explore, but I’d give a big thumb based on how detailed they’ve put in.

Fleshy and Gory Missions

Since Dead Island 2 is set in L.A., I expect many more side missions to accompany our tour around the big city. The most innovative element in the new Dead Island 2 is the flesh and gore graphics that seem so realistic and disturbing that they can get you banned from YouTube.

Speaking of the missions, they are seriously wacky and difficult to play. Once you start a mission, there is much to focus on when the NPCs shout at you. In the complex hotel mission, I had to dodge the attacks while there was a hellfire on the loose, and at the same time, you’re planning to fly kicking the zombies. So yeah, there is a lot to do in missions of Dead Island 2.

Weapons Customization

Like the original Dead Island, there are dozens of weapons to upgrade and customize. A fantastic range of destructive melee weapons includes swords, hunting knives, brass knuckles, sledgehammers, bear claws, and maces. And yes, before you ask, they can be customized.

The showcase also includes shooting weapons like shotguns, revolvers, pistols, and machine guns to tear the hell out of your enemies. The shooting weapons are also customizable, which is my favorite part so I don’t get bored with the ordinary ones.

Distinctive Protagonists Story

I am pretty sure I won’t get bored while playing Dead Island 2 as the game has a lot to offer with its wide range of six protagonists. Each playable character has its custom elements, affecting aspects like combat and progress in the story.

Protagonist from The Dead Island 2

Although the game has only revealed four playable characters, Amy, Dani, Jacob, and Ryan, from the range of six. The other two will be revealed at the final release on April 21, 2023. I hope to see someone from the original game, which will make things pretty nostalgic and exciting to experience.

Things We Disliked About the Dead Island 2

Now let’s talk about some of the most underwhelming factors of the game which can be improved or removed for good, as I honestly didn’t find any use for them.

Skill Cards Seem Pointless

The Dead Island 2 will bring skill card-based combat gameplay where each card gives specific powers to our character while fighting the zombies. These cards can be gained against the points system in the game, which I believe is a bit underwhelming as it limits a player’s combat style and abilities. Each card activates a particular ability, unlocking a new set of moves for our character to use in the zombie-slashing combat.

Skill Cards in The Dead Island 2

Some Zombies Are Boring

Hitting some zombies in the Dead Island 2 seems repetitive, and it gets boring when you always have to strike them the same way to put them out of their misery. While striking these zombies, I felt like they were made of sponge or something as they always kept raising and reviving no matter how many times, I’d hit them. So yeah, they can take a lot of hits to go down.

Zombies Attacking in The Dead Island 2

Final Words

Overall, Deep Silver has done an amazing job with the graphics, combat, and environment they chose for plotting Dead Island 2. The game has all to offer that we can expect in a zombie slasher apocalyptic single-player game, which has kept the classic game mechanics alive with an incredible amount of detail. Hoping to see more of the two other protagonists after the final release.


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