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Guide to Catching Fish in the World of Warcraft Dragonflight: Basics and Major Changes

Fishing is a great pastime for players and an important profession that allows you to catch fish and sell them to cooks for gold, or cook them yourself for temporary buffs.

Fishing is a great way to earn income and equip your character with the best legendary equipment, but if you don’t like this kind of farming, you can always buy World of Warcraft Gold in a special store and only deal with PvP and learn new content.

The main changes relate to the emergence of new species of fish, and water bodies and a significant change in the interface and principles of fishing.

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Basic Information About Fishing In The Dragonflight Update

  1. The fishing rod changed its status and became a crafting tool and any equipment related to fishing can be inserted into a special profession slot. Thus, an extra slot in the inventory is no longer spent on fishing items.
  2. All fish caught in the waters of the Dragon Isles are used for cooking and applying buffs through food. But there are two exceptions – Lavatooth and Prismatic Jumper – these types of fish differ in appearance and body structure and are used exclusively for craft – they are ground and used as reagents.17243 wow classic fishing guides
  3. From time to time, players will catch coins of the island – copper, silver, and gold. After collecting various river coins, take them to the Plains of On’ara – the third island from the Dragon Archipelago and give them to the great Hornmelter to get a lump of stuck-together new moon cards, which are needed to deepen the knowledge in specialization in all professions and gain the ability to create really valuable items in the chosen path.
  4. In the Dragonflight update in World of Warcraft, a new faction that specializes in fishing, the Iskar Tuskarr, has settled on the Dragon Isles. The player should increase the level of loyalty and interaction with them in order to be able to get a recipe for crafting the Iskar Net – a special item that will become an indicator when a rare fish appears.
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Interface Change in Dragonflight

The interface of all professions and fishing as one of them has been greatly improved in World of Warcraft after the release of the Dragonflight update.

Information began to be presented in the form of notes and is presented in a volume sufficient for players who are poorly versed in the mechanics and maps of Azeroth.

The player will find a description of every fish that can be caught on the continents and islands, how and where it can be used, and, most importantly, where it is found.

Important Characteristics for the Development of Fishing

Starting with the Dragonflight update, characters who are passionate about the development of the profession have characteristics, the development of which determines bonuses and preferences during the process of creation, extraction, or production.

Fishing has three parameters:

  1. Accuracy – a parameter responsible for the quality of the casting. The higher the accuracy rate, the greater the chance of getting more fish in one cast. Leveling up this parameter when catching Lavatooth will help the player get more reagents that merchants and other artisans will be happy to buy.
  2. Skill – the higher this characteristic, the faster the casting of the fishing rod and the faster the hooking and pulling out of the caught fish.
  3. Mindfulness – the more developed this variable, the more likely it is to receive a rare and extremely rare reward for one cast

Leveling Fishing Mastery

The skill of a fisherman is pumped over, like any other profession, from active engagement in this craft. You need to get level 60 and go to the Dragon Isles.

Fishing in the waters will take a lot of time, but the players will be motivated by the caught fish of various levels of value, reagent fish, and coins that are exchanged for amplifiers.

Up to level 100, the skill will be developed quite quickly, after pumping it will slow down until it reaches the final, but a noticeable replenishment of gold will brighten up all these hardships from sitting in one place while others participate in PVP and conquer the new content, but fishing is chosen by those players who not indifferent to this craft and diligent enough, so everyone is happy.

Cooks will gladly buy all new fish from you to upgrade their craft and develop a specialization.

Special equipment useful to the fisherman

Starting with the Dragonflight update, all artisans have added special equipment that can be obtained, crafted, and bought to gain a boost to their main characteristics.

Equipment does not take up space in the inventory and is put on automatically when performing profile actions related to the profession.

All amplifying parameters that affect the created item are taken into account automatically from the presence of amplifying equipment in the character’s inventory.

Broker’s Tackle – increases fishing parameters by 5 and is sold on Orbis, which can be used on the Dragon Isles. When fishing in dark lands, increases the chance of getting bait while fishing.

Draconite Angler’s Friend – Significantly increases your Perception by 55 points and your Fishing Level by 6.

Khaz’gorite Angler’s Friend – Increases Alertness by 90 points and Fishing Level.

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