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A Gun Gadget for the Steam Deck is Here

Valve’s Steam Deck has an unusual accessory that involves mounting the handheld PC onto a gun stock. While most companies creating accessories for the device have focused on cases, carrying bags, and other similar products, some are exploring more unconventional and potentially risky ways to utilize the device’s capabilities

For those who want to experience unique multiplayer games such as COD Modern Warfare 2 on the Steam Deck, the Steam Gun named aptly is now available for purchase. It features a custom plastic controller integrated into a two-handed weapon grip, with the Steam Deck mounted on the rail system on top. The Steam Gun enables players to aim as if they’re wielding a genuine firearm.

The company’s promotional materials suggest that this enhances the immersive experience considerably. However, it’s important to note that users still need to use conventional joysticks for movement.

Notably, the device is rather expensive, with a starting price of $229 but now it’s available at a discounted price of $199 as indicated on the store listing. Additionally, there are doubts about the stability of the Gun’s attachment point for the Deck, and it remains uncertain whether the handheld could become detached from the rail during intense battles.

While it’s fun to have glowing buttons for the Steam Deck, accessories like the Steam Gun, which are unique and perhaps a bit unwieldy, belong in a category of their own.

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