Blood Bowl 3 Fixed: New Patch Update Released for Multiplayer

After an embarrassing launch full of bugs, Cyanide Studio has released a second patch to counter bugs issues and server optimization.

Blood Bowl 3 has received disappointing reviews lately, and Cyanide has decided to fix things. Even before the official launch, the project manager at Cyanide announced that they were working on a multiplayer fix to deal with the runaway leader problem. Well, it looks like that runaway leader wasn’t the only problem with Blood Bowl 3, as players faced many bugs and server downtimes that ruined the online multiplayer experience.

However, right after the significant launch, Cyanide announced that they had released a second patch update that claimed to fix the bugs issues and help with better server optimization. So, what’s coming with the new patch update, and what type of fix will it bring for us?

The CPU Guide is here to share the complete patch notes with you for the changes that will be applied in the new patch update of Blood Bowl 3.

Blood Bowl 3 Second Update Patch Notes

Here is a complete list of changes that will be applied with the second patch update to resolve the major issues with Blood Bowl 3.

  • Enhanced server response time in the team manager screens.
  • Resolved the infinite loading issue while browsing the team list in a competition.
  • Resolved the infinite loading issue while browsing the game’s Friends tab.
  • Resolved the crash that occurred during an interception.
  • Resolved audio and visual crashes, which were rarely caused during the gameplay.
  • Resolved a crash after multiple skills reaction, featuring Shadowing, Diving Tackle, or Tentacles.
  • Resolved a rare crash that occurred when players used Dive Catch.
  • Resolved the player’s aura is distributing presence display in the dugouts.
  • Featured a disclaimer tooltip in the account creation menu warning that the manager’s name will be visible to all other players.

What Still Needs to be Fixed in Blood Bowl 3?

Analyzing the Blood Bowl 3 review, I believe the fixes mentioned in the second patch notes were the only ones players faced at the launch. The game was filled with minor details that made the game feel like an incomplete project. So here I have mentioned the issues that need to be resolved to make Blood Bowl 3 worth playing.

  • UI experience from the menu.
  • Writing mistakes in the names of AI enemy team players during a single-player campaign.
  • Extensive offline campaign missions and game modes.
  • Attention to objects and getup of players from the customization.
  • Starting the single-player campaign without login requirement.
  • Lack of save and quit options without conceding the game.


For the final words, I would say that Blood Bowl 3 is off to a bad start. The game still needs much improvement if it wants to secure some recognition and dodge the fear of getting flopped. Players are discovering issues that show how incomplete and unfinished Blood Bowl 3 seems, even after the extensive requirement of the development period.


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