Street Fighter 6: Two New Characters Announced

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Street Fighter 6 Fans! Get Ready To Enjoy 2 New Characters

Recently at the Sony EVO 2022 finals for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Capcom announced two new characters for Street Fighter 6.

The return of Juri, alongside Kimberly.

Street Fighter 6: Two New Characters Announced

Juri first appeared in Super Street Fighter IV and is described as a sadistic thrill-seeker.

The ninja Kimberly is brand new to Street Fighter 6. You can check out both characters in the new trailer below.

SF6 Director, Takayuki Nakayama, about Kimberly:

“In terms of Kimberly’s design, we aimed to create an outfit suitable for her speedy and acrobatic movements since she excels in sports like track-and-field and cheerleading. Pair her brightly colored gi with sneakers suitable for moving around quickly, and you have Bushinryu-like ninja attire, don’t you think? We tried to make her hairstyle and outfit beautifully showcase her striking silhouette since she is an expert at running and airborne attacks. The spray can and portable cassette player on her waist are also used for special moves.”

Moreover, when the initial trailer was released it confirmed a number of characters, including Ryu, Luke, and Chun-Li, and more

Street Fighter 6: Two New Characters Announced

Street Fighter 6 is set to launch in 2023 on PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC

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