Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen?

Skyrim Infinite loading screen?

Are you getting an unending loading screen On Skyrim?

According to the developer, this happens when there is a corrupted file in your game or your saved game file is wholly corrupted and it can’t be restored.

Don’t worry

To Avoid further corruption in files,

We bring you the best working solution with Skyrim player

Before going to a detailed solution let’s have quick look at FAQs

How do you fix infinite loading screen in Skyrim?

To fix the infinite loading screen in Skyrim you have to restart your device restart your router check connectivity, and for a detailed solution read the whole article

Why is my Skyrim loading so slow?

This is surely a connectivity issue run an internet speed test and check the ping (Should be lower than 20ms) and speed of the internet and if it’s not stable and not up to the subscription speed contact your internet service provider asap.

How do I fix Skyrim not loading?

There are numerous ways to fix Skyrim, not loading which is detailly discussed later on in this article.

Best Video Guide For Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen:

Solution 1: Restart the Game

The simplest solution of all time is to restart your game.

Whenever you encounter Skyrim an Infinite loading screen and any game bug. you should restart the game before applying any further solutions.

Solution 2: Flush DNS to fix Skyrim Infinite loading screen

Is it OK to clear the DNS cache?

Since clearing the DNS cache removes all the entries and forces your computer to repopulate those addresses the next time you try accessing Skyrim. This won’t affect performance or bring an infinite loading screen.

How do I reset my DNS settings? How do I clear my DNS cache?

  1. Click on the Windows start icon on the bottom left corner.
  2. Then press Windows key + R.
  3. The Run box will appear. Type cmd.exe, and click on OK.
  4. Then on the cmd window, enter the following commands: (Note: Type the following commands, and hit Enter after every command)
    1. “ipconfig/flushdns”
    2. “ipconfig/registerdns”
    3. “ipconfig/release”
    4. “ipconfig/renew”dns-server-might-be-unable-cleardns-cache-and-datajpg

Close the window and see if the error is fixed.

Solution 3: Check for Windows Update

For PC players, the outdated window is another big hurdle towards Skyrim. You have to update the windows to have an updated patch that will align with GPU updated drivers and eventually the Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen? will stop.

Here is how you update windows.

  1. Press Windows button 
  2. Select the setting icon “Gear shape” above the power button Setting 2
  3. Now the Setting window will open setting window
  4. Select “Update and Security
  5. A further window will open.
  6. Now click on check updates Apex Legends Out of Sync With Server
  7. And click installs to update the windows.

Solution 4: Uninstall Mods To fix Skyrim Infinite loading screen.

Mods aka modification in-game which done by players to enhance their gameplay.

But sometimes some mods start causing Skyrim Infinite loading screen,

But we can’t identify any mod by name due to changes in regions.

You have to delete the mod one by one and check the game is working after deleting one mod and repeating until the last mod.

if the game start without an Infinite loading screen, then this error is causing by the mod you installed

Solution 5: Try Reinstall Skyrim.

Reinstalling Skyrim will help you eradicate any unknown error that is occurring due to some cache that is not erasable or some bugs which is not traceable but still causing Skyrim Infinite loading screen

  1. Uninstall Skyrim game
  2. Restart your computer
  3. Reinstall the Skyrim
  4. Now relaunch the Skyrim

Hope this will solve your Skyrim Infinite loading screen.

Solution 6: Contact Bethesda Support

If the above solution didn’t work out so it’s better to contact Bethesda Support

Tell them the whole scenario you facing

Bethesda Support will help to solve this Skyrim Infinite loading screen.Skyrim Infinite loading screen

Hope this will help to solve the Skyrim Infinite loading screen

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