Action Friday with Resident Evil 4 Remake and John Wick 4

This Friday brings a lot of action on consoles and cinemas, with two of the most highly anticipated Resident Evil 4 Remake and John Wick 4.

Shooter-heads have been served with an action-packed Friday from seeing to experiencing the action-adventure in the Resident Evil 4 Remake and John Wick 4 on March 24, 2023. Both titles have a crazy amount of fan base, and it’s all because of the shooter action they offer with the engaging storyline of protagonists. Fans of the game and the movie went one step ahead and created the John Wick mode trailer for the Resident Evil Remake, a wholesome masterpiece.

The trailer seemed more like a John Wick mod for Resident Evil 4, but it’s essentially John Wick replaced with Leon in the gameplay trailer. Many fans on Reddit were excited about John Wick 4, and the Resident Evil 4 remake releasing the same day, making it difficult for the fans to choose. Therefore, fans created a poll, and it seems like the audience is more excited about the game than the movie.

Just realize Resident Evil 4 remake and John Wick 4 is coming out the same day March 24 which one are you most excited for?
by u/SteveKirk85 in ResidentEvil2Remake

John Wick 4 is essentially continuing the storyline starring Keanu Reeves, who is fighting for his freedom to clean his hands painted red in revenge. It all started when some mobsters stole his car and killed his dog right after John’s wife died.

The whole rampage-fueled survival story has extended to a series of four movies. On his way, John has killed dozens while running for his life, but will he finally find his peace after one last rodeo of bullets? You’ll have to watch the movie for it because I won’t spoil it for you. Though it is worth watching since the movie secured the highest rating ever on rotten tomatoes.

On the other hand, we got the all-time favorite classic of action-adventure RPG lovers with a touch of survival and horror. The Resident Evil 4 Remake is an enhanced version of its original game that was released on PlayStation 2.

This new remake will be supported for current-gen consoles and PC. Starting from Leon’s journey to find the president’s daughter, he has to survive the deadly outbreak that has turned every civilian into brain dead zombie. Resident Evil 4 makes it to the screen of Little Anime’s cute adaption to deliver a safe-to-watch story.

Resident Evil 4 and John Wick 4 share the similarity of dead masses brought down by a range of bullets. However, it would be challenging for Leon to kill zombies with a pencil. Survival is the goal, and there will be a lot of dead bodies on the way to achieve that freedom.

So which one are you more excited about? Let us know in the comments if you’re more into killing the bad guys or the half-dead guys.


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