How To Make Nintendo Switch Download Faster? Best Guide

Are you sick of waiting forever for your Nintendo Switch downloads to finish? Here is one of the Nintendo Switch players asking the same question on Reddit:

Fear not, fellow gamer! Here are some tips to help speed up those download times:

  1. Make sure your internet connection is as strong as Mario’s arm after eating a Super Mushroom.
  2. Restart your Nintendo Switch just like Link does after a tough boss battle.
  3. Change your download location like a Pokémon trainer switching out their party members.
  4. Pause and resume downloads like a strategic pause in a heated round of Splatoon.
  5. Download during off-peak hours like a stealthy thief in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  6. Turn off other devices hogging up your internet like Bowser Jr. causing trouble in the Mushroom Kingdom.
  7. Try a wired connection for a more stable and speedy download experience, just like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s 200cc mode.

With these tips, you’ll be downloading games on your Nintendo Switch faster than you can say “It’s-me, Mario!”

Now continue reading the article for a more detailed solution.

Nintendo Switch download faster

Best Video Guide For How To Make Nintendo Switch Download Faster


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Solution 1: Increase the size of the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)

Increasing the size of the MTU will give Nintendo more data access whenever Nintendo requests it before increasing the MTU Nintendo Switch is limited to having small data from the internet which leads to slow downloads in Nintendo Switch.

Here is how you can make Nintendo Switch download faster:

  1. Open the Nintendo Switch
  2. The Home menu will come
  3. Select System Settings
  4. Setting Windows will open
  5. Scroll down the left menu
  6. Select the Internet
  7. On the right side, menu select Internet Settings internet settings Nintendo Switch download faster,nintendo switch download speed
  8. Now select your preferred network and join it if you haven’t
  9. The further menu will open
  10. Select Change Settings
  11. A new window will open
  12. Scroll down
  13. Select MTU
    Mtu settings Nintendo Switch download faster
  14. By default, the value of MTU is set as 1400 
  15. Change this value to 1500
  16. Now save the settings
  17. Restart the Nintendo Switch

If increasing the MTU is still not making the downloading faster on Nintendo then this might be a problem with the router now proceed to the next solution to power cycle the internet router.

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Solution 2: Power Cycling Internet Router

Nintendo Switch download faster

Sometimes, a corrupted DNS cache may accumulate or other startup configurations in the router leading to Nintendo Switch Download Faster

Therefore, at this step, you will completely clear this cache by turning the router off and on.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Disconnect power from the router
  • Press and hold the power button of the router for at least 10 seconds
  • Connect the power and wait for the router to start
  • Try downloading the game and see Nintendo Switch Download Faster

After power cycling the internet router there is might some cache or bug of some game that prevents Nintendo Switch to download faster.

To avoid that we have to proceed to next solution to make Nintendo Switch Download Faster.

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Solution 3: Check for Corrupted data To Make Nintendo Switch Download Faster

Sometimes some software or game have been corrupted which eventually cause Nintendo Switch to download slow. To prevent that we have to clear the corrupted data to make Nintendo Switch Download Faster.

How do I remove corrupted data from a switch?

Here is how you can remove corrupted data from the Nintendo switch:

  1. Open the Nintendo Switch 
  2. Go to Home Menu
  3. Select System Settings
  4. Scroll on the left menu
  5. Find and select Data Management
  6. On the right side Select Manage Software
    data managment Nintendo Switch download faster
  7. Now select the most recent software which gives you an error
  8. After that select Check for Corrupted data
  9. When you find the corrupted data then delete that software/game
  10. After uninstalling the game/software
  11. Go to the eshop
    Nintendo eshop Nintendo Switch download faster
  12. Find the Game/software
  13. Select ReDownload
  14. Select the cloud icon to re-download the game and software
  15. Now enjoy the Game

If this solution is still no help then proceed to the next solution.

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Solution 4: Update Nintendo Switch To Make Nintendo Switch Download Faster

The outdated Nintendo Switch might causing some barriers to downloading games at a faster speed on the console. Nintendo Switch auto-updates it on its own. But sometimes unavailability of the internet might cause Nintendo to skip the update.

So, it’s recommended to check and update the Nintendo manually in order to To Make Nintendo Switch Download Faster.

How do I update my Nintendo switch?

Here is how you can update the Nintendo Switch follow the step down below:

  1. Open the Nintendo Switch
  2. The HOME menu will open
  3. Click on the System Setting located in round icons in the home menuSystem settings Update Nintendo Switch From Maintenance Mode
  4. A System Settings window will open
  5. Now scroll down on the left menu
  6. Select System 
  7. Now Select System Update
    System update Update Nintendo Switch From Maintenance Mode
  8. The Nintendo Switch will start updating the software.

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And if you are still facing Nintendo Switch downloading slowly then continue to the next solution.

Solution 5: Disconnect other Devices

When you are downloading games from a Wi-Fi connection in a public or office you might experience slow downloading speed due to being connected with public Wi-Fi and many users are consuming the internet from one router which gives Nintendo Switch less speed and downloading the game will take a little longer. 

So, if you want to download the games at a faster speed it is recommended to choose less crowded Wifi. And if you are at the home then disconnect unnecessary devices to have more speed on Nintendo Switch.

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Now try changing the DNS to make Nintendo Switch download faster.

Solution 6: Change DNS Settings in Nintendo Switch

According to some user changing the DNS settings help them speed up Nintendo Switch downloads.

So, now we are going to change the DNS settings to make Nintendo Switch download faster:

  1. Open the Nintendo Switch
  2. The Home menu will come
  3. Select System Settings
    Nintendo Switch download faster
  4. Setting Windows will open
  5. Scroll down the left menu
  6. Select the Internet
  7. On the right side, menu select Internet SettingsNintendo Switch download faster 
  8. Now click on the network which you are using
  9. Further settings will open
  10. Select “Change Settings
  11. The further menu will open
  12. Select DNS Settings
    DNS settings Nintendo Nintendo Switch download faster
  13. Set as Manual
  14. Select Primary DNS and Enter
  15. Now select Secondary DNS and type
  16. Now Save the changes

If your Switch is still downloading games slowly then proceed to the next solution.

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Solution 7: Call Your ISP

The least you can do to solve the Nintendo Switch download faster contact with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

They will access that data which you can’t and will know what’s going wrong with your internet connection.

Moreover, tell your ISP to open the following ports:

  1. TCP: 80, 4433478, 3479
  2. UDP: 3478, 3479, 49152 ~ 65535


We hope you get to fix the Nintendo Switch download faster issue. Also, we recommend that you start the troubleshooting by increasing MTU and if you face any hurdles while trying the solutions then do let us know in the comments section below.

We will be happy to assist you!


Does the switch download faster in sleep mode?

Yes, when the Nintendo Switch is in sleep mode all energy and power is dedicated to downloading the game and this enhances the downloading speed in Nintendo Switch.

Why does my switch download so slow?

There are various reasons for slow download on Switch but firstly check your internet speed. If you have unstable internet then you will experience slow download in Nintendo switch.

Does Nintendo switch download while playing?

Yes, When you are playing on Nintendo Switch the games are downloading in the background but you might experience a slow download. you can access your download by going into Download Management.

How long does it take to download a game on Switch?

Well, it depends on the speed of the internet you have. Meanwhile, the normal game download time is between 20 mins to 60 mins or above.

What is a good download speed for a switch?

The good download speed in the world is considered 8mbps. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch provides good performance on 3mbps above speed.

What are the Causes of Nintendo Switch Download Speed Slow?

Here are some main causes for Nintendo Switch Download Speed Slow:
1. Your router software might be outdated.
2. There may be a problem from the backend which is your ISP.
3. Low bandwidth due to many other devices in your area.
4. Too many devices are connected to one router.
5. Wireless signal interference.


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