Slow Startup Windows 11

Since the launch of Windows 11 

many users who were waiting for it eagerly downloaded it on unsupported devices and it leads to many bugs.

Why is my Computer so Slow on Startup Windows 11?

you might be wondering

>>> Reasons for slow startup

Top 5 Reasons

There may be a virus on your PC.

The visual effects might be enabled.

The Graphics driver might be outdated.

Unwanted notifications are enabled.

The temporary files might be corrupted.


Update Windows 11

So here is how you can update your Windows 11 OS:

1. Click on the Windows icon 

2. Click on the settings icon

move on to the next slide for more steps

3. A new window will pop up

4.Select Windows Update from the left menu 

5. The new window will pop up

6.Then click on Check for updates button. 


Close Unwanted Program

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + ESC keys to open Task Manager.

2. Now click on the Process tab and check which program is running unnecessarily 3. Right-click on that program and select End Task.

4. Also, go to the Startup tab and disable all the unnecessary apps/services on startup.

5.And check if the Windows 11 Slow Startup is solved or not. 

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