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How to Get Radiant in Valorant? With Radiant Player Tutorial

Are you wondering how to get Radiant in Valorant?


Are you stuck in Immortal rank and unable to achieve radiant rank?

Don’t worry about it!

The CPU Guide Brings you the best tutorial about How to get Radiant in Valorant.

Valorant is a hero shooter game developed by the Riot games for Microsoft Windows. This game allows the user to experience the modern version of the counter strike. Valorant right now is very popular in teen to adult ages.

Every hero/character in the game has unique abilities which help the player to defend and create distractions on front assault and this will lead you to win the game. The ranking system provided by Riot Games in Valorant helps you to analyze your performance and compare your gaming skills with your gaming buddies.

Valorant did not allow users to customize the agent in any aspect but you can customize your weapons by applying different skins to them. You can find weapons skins in the crate you will have after winning the game when your tier will go or when the new agent is unlocked.

In Valorant, each of the ranks required approx 3000 XP to increase the tier. As your rank upgrades in the Valorant more difficult the game becomes so, it is not easy to gain XP in upper ranks as compared to the lower-tier game.How to Get Radiant in Valorant

Let’s answer some highly asked questions.

How to Improve Gameplay to Get Radiant in Valorant?

Many of the players ignore and skip the small technical technique which allows them to climb faster on the rank ladder. So, today we are highlighting some of the best techniques which help you to Get Radiant in Valorant easily.

Achieving the Radiant rank in Valorant is not impossible you have to focus on the techniques which are mentioned below. After mastering the techniques you will definitely achieve the Radiant rank in Valorant.

Practice/Warm-up: Radiant in Valorant

Practice and Warm-up is core part of gaining skills and winning easily any match. Warmup before playing will help you to get familiar and get ready for the match and it also identifies any fault with the hardware. In practice mode, you can change any hardware you want to, and can also examine the performance of your connection without having any loss.

Practice mode totally prepares the player to put a foot in the match and become the ace of the match. Which player regularly spend some time in practice mode there are really enhancing their skills and gameplay.

But, it is observed that many of the players skip the warmup and go direct to the game. It’s not bad to jump in the game directly but if you are struggling in average rank then practice matches will really help you Get Radiant in Valorant.

The recommended time for the practice is 10 to 15 max. This is enough time for warmup before the but, if you think you need more practice you can go ahead and practice as much you like. But if you spend more time in practice rather than real matches then this will also slow the ranking going up processes.Radiant in Valorant, radiant point, how to be radiant,how to get radianite, valorant radiant accounts

Identify your Weakness: To Get Radiant in Valorant

Identifying your weakness in gameplay is very important for any player. If you are unable to identify the weakness of your gameplay then it is recommended that you should record your matches.

After recording the matches find these questions:

  1. Why did you die?
  2. Is anything more can do?
  3. Is this agent is good for or not?
  4. Is my aim is good while I am firing on the enemy?
  5. Can I save my agent from more damage?

When you answer all of the questions you definitely find what are your weaknesses. After you identify the weak part of your gameplay then it’s time to go into the practice mode and focus on the weak parts of your gameplay. Do not use your master moves in practice and try to improve your week area this will definitely help you to Get Out of the Radiant in Valorant.

Radiant in Valorant, radiant point, how to be radiant,how to get radianite, valorant radiant accounts

Identify Best Agent

When you play with only one agent repeatedly then this makes your progress slow. Every agent in Valorant has its own powers and abilities which help you to win matches. You should have at least command on over 3 to 4 agents in which you can switch easily in different matches.

Having a good command of more than 3 to 4 agents will definitely pace up the ranking system. More win and kills you have more fastly the level will go up.Get Out of Iron in Valorant, how to be good at valorant , bronze valorant, bronze 3 valorant

Video Guide: Agents Overview

Teamwork to achieve Radiant in Valorant

Whenever you play with teams with good coordination in matches the results are remarkable. In matches try to coordinate with your teammates through chats or using the mic this will help all the team and you will learn how to attack and defend in a better way.

If your team has an advanced-level player try to observe him/her while they playing in the game. If you don’t have a chance to play with a pro player then you should watch some streams of the pro player on twitch or any other platform you know.

In another case, some of the players get annoyed due to the bullying or some teammates give wrong information while playing which is distracting you while playing the game. So, you should Mute the voice in Valorant in order to concentrate on the Match.

After mastering above mentioned techniques now you have to focus on how to get more XP in Valorant in order to achieve Radiant in Valorant.

What is the fastest way to get XP in Valorant? Get XP Fast in Valorant?

You can Get XP Fast in Valorant by completing your daily and weekly missions. Daily and weekly missions are easy to play and give you more XPs than a normal match and you play in the Valorant. Daily you will receive two new missions that will appear in your log. After completing these missions you will earn up to 2000 XP. These missions take only 40 to 50 minutes to complete and you can get 2x more XP in one go.

Valorant gives three weekly missions available every week. These weekly missions will not be available next week so you better complete these levels as soon as possible. For these weekly missions, you can earn up to 21000 XP approx.

When you complete all three missions in the week then-new three missions will pop up and the cycle goes on and you have more time to complete these missions and will Get XP Fast in Valorant.

If you want to know more about how to gain XP then you have to read How to Get XP Fast in Valorant.

Now I am going to attach a video of the Radiant rank holder. In this video, you are going to learn how the radiant player going to play a match and what techniques he going to use. So, pay attention and learn to get Radiant in Valorant.

Video Guide: How Radiant Rank Holder Plays In Valorant

Hope the above tutorial helps you to achieve Radiant in Valorant.

Share your experience in the comments section down below.


Does Rank Decay happen in Valorant?

Valorant does not have a feature of the Rank Decay. Your Rank will stay intact even you are away from the game. This will help the user to play as their convinced and you skip the game for days if you have a busy seclude and resume it when you have free time for it.
If you stay away from the game for more than a month or 6 months then you have to play the Placement game in order to reinstate the rank back. When you complete the placement game you will back your rank level back without any rank decay.

What rank is TenZ in VALORANT?

TenZ is a Radiant rank in Valorant ranks. Radiant is a top rank in the Valorant which is achieved for the first time by the player name as Ten Z in a closed beta game.

What does it mean to be radiant in Valorant?

Radiant is the top rank in the Valorant. Only 500 players were able to make it to Raindiant rank in Valorant. Radiant rank is the dream of the many players Valorant.

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