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Hogwarts Legacy Introduces Mandrakes to Defeat Enemies

Hogwarts Legacy has announced that players will have the ability to use mandrake seedlings as a weapon in the game. Mandrakes are unique magical plants known for their piercing shrieks. In the Harry Potter universe, they are often grown and studied by students in the herbology class at Hogwarts.

Mandrakes are an important element in the story of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. They are known to be dangerous plants due to their loud and potentially deadly shrieks. However, they also have significant medicinal uses in the Wizarding World. In Hogwarts Legacy, players will have the opportunity to use mandrake seedlings as weapons.

According to a recent tweet from the official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter account, mandrakes will function similarly to stun grenades in other games using their piercing shrieks to stun and damage enemies within range.

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Hogwarts Legacy appears to offer players a wide range of options for combat, including the use of magical plants like mandrakes and an array of spells that can be cast during duels. This suggests that players will have the freedom to experiment with different strategies and tactics in the game.


Also Hogwarts Legacy won’t be all about combat as players will be able to enjoy the soundtracks and the stunning winter landscapes in the game and much more

The Hype is high for Hogwarts Legacy and the controversy is also at peek after J.K. Rowling’s Transphobic Comments

The game will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on February 10, PS4 and Xbox One on April 4 and Switch on July 25.

So hurry up and Pre-Order now on PlayStation.

And if you have an Xbox Series X/S:

And if you want to play on PC then pre-order now on the Steam store or Epic

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