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Destiny 2 will bring an action-packed experience with the launch of Lightfall on February 28th, and here is a glimpse of its first mission.

Bungie will introduce Destiny 2 Lightfall, the second last addition to the Destiny 2 Saga, which will continue an ongoing battle to protect Neptune. For those who don’t know, Lightfall is based on a storyline in which we (the players) have to guard the city of Neomuna against the ruthless Witness and the dark Shadow Legion army led by Claus.

After taking the first look at the recent preview event and interactive trailer, I discovered some significant details on the storyline and gameplay of Destiny 2 Lightfall. In this article, The CPU Guide will bring a range of surprises for the Destiny 2 players to share some exciting details on the storyline of the first mission.

The Storyline and Gameplay of Destiny 2 Lightfall

There is only one more expansion in the Destiny 2 Lightfall Saga. Bungie is waiting to release some of their top content for the eighth expansion (The Final Shape) in Destiny 2. Still, players will be getting a lot of exciting content.

Here I have listed everything you need to know about the storyline of Lightfall.

We Have to Save the World

As I’ve already mentioned in the overview, we will protect the city of Neomuna on planet Neptune from the deadly forces led by the Witness and his disciple Calus. In combination with that, I believe Lightfall is going to bring a combination of an emotional storyline as we are the Guardians of the planet. The storyline’s plot implies that we will be the savior fighting to save the world from a terrible end.

Introducing The Witness

The nemesis of light and dark, by the name of the Witness, will finally make an appearance in his physical form. I haven’t seen such a villain in a game before, who is not imposing any fear from his looks, but from his plans.

The Witness is on a quest to take complete control of Neptune with the help of the Shadow Legion. I believe that with all the support from the emperor gone rogue, Calus, the Witness, is going to be the most challenging yet reserved enemy the Guardians have ever faced.

Cyber-Punk Themed Destination

Lightfall will also portray the beauty in the shining lights and stunning visuals of Neomuna city. The building and architecture take more of an artistic approach with an aerodynamic design that will suit the gameplay mechanics and physics.

The development team brought a seamless gameplay experience in every aspect of the destination’s environment. Starting from the objects like surf-shaped fins and sailboat-shaped ships. All of these structures are decorated with neon-styled lights and vivid colors to match the aesthetics of the Destiny universe.

New Characters

Saving the world is not a single person’s job, which is why we’ll be getting some assistance from the new characters like the world-weary veteran Rohan. We also got two members of the Cloud Striders and Nimbus, the snowboarding rookie, to make the ultimate team of guardians against the Shadow Legion.

Awakening New Powers

With great power comes great responsibility is the true expression of Destiny 2 Lightfall. Besides new destinations, adventures, and characters, we’ll enter a new phase on Strand A, portraying a cosmic web of life that keeps us connected with our environment.

The new cyber-punk style of life is a thread of life that any class can change in several ways. Featuring fast-hitting combat and a variety of options to learn the new way of life, Lightfall feels more like a Spiderman from the future with a little touch of Prototype mechanics.

Flying Free Roam

Speaking of hanging like a Spiderman, I’m relieved that the game has given us more freedom to roam around in the cosmic neon-themed city. Using the Strand, we can gain the ability to grapple around on the buildings, but you may have to give up the grenade slot to attain this ability.

Using Strand to Free-roam in Neomuna

Besides helping you to fly around in the city of Neomuna, Strand is also pretty useful as a melee weapon in combat. I find the best use of Strand to grapple the enemies to stun them and then engage them for melee-based combat. It seems pretty exciting to find a versatile use of such an ability that makes you feel like Doc Ock.

Weapon Crafting

The weapon crafting comes with an enhanced new set of options. One of the major changes in Destiny 2 has made the game a whole lot better than its predecessor, The Witch Queen. The new weapon crafting skill would allow us to build our customized arsenal with a fresh look and constant progression.

However, there will be only a limited range of weapons you can craft, and various new weapons will feature reliable resources for long-term usability. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about the non-craftable weapons, as they can be enhanced to level up randomly in the same way as crafted weapons. You will also receive value for random perk roles.

Bigger Challenges

The Witness is not the only enemy we have to face off in the Destiny 2 Lightfall, and there are Tormentors to present a new challenge for you in striking combats. Developer’s team at Bungie aimed to make their new products as horrifying and challenging as possible, which has never been seen before in the Destiny universe. I expect an unforgettable encounter with enemies like the Witness, Calus, and Tormentors.

Tormentors from the Destiny 2 Lightfall

Unlocking New Classes and Potential

The game is well-designed to allow each guardian to fight against enemies with distinct dark powers. Compiling the power of Strand, each ability will help you to adopt a particular combat style in the game from the following choices.

Hunter Threadrunner

Utilizing the abilities of Strand, the Hunter gains the ability to use “Silk Strike,” which is a whip-like ability that allows you to move an attack simultaneously. This ability increases mobility and combat power with a striking combination to give Hunter an impressive look.

Titan Berserker

Titan Berserker takes more of a brutal approach to using the Strand’s powers. Berserker transforms the blades of darkness to wear on his hands, which allows him to strike more brutal melee combo attacks by sending heavy shockwaves of Strand’s energy.

Warlock Broodweaver

Warlock directs the “Threadlings,” a small army of weaved minions. Warlock can also send bombarded needles to nearby enemies with a Super ability.

Final Words

The Destiny 2 franchise is making its new expansion more fearsome and challenging. Fans are being patient for the final reveal, and I hope it is worth all the claims. In addition, I hope the game is well-optimized for the PC hardware, as I had a bad experience with early releases like Forspoken this year.


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