Got banned from a game server? Here’s a Life-Saver tip!

Game servers have AI bots that are automatically running all the time and checking for anomalies and sometimes you can get kicked out/banned for no reason too.

That’s really sad and frustrating too sometimes, but only if we don’t know a way out!

Here I have found the quickest way to help you avoid such situations. Some of you might have even guessed it: Yes, It’s a VPN.

How can a VPN help you?

Let me tell you a bit about how the internet works! So, you technically have 2 addresses right now to identify where you live.

Yeah, the first one is where your Amazon orders come to, but the second one is your internet address also known as IP address that identifies where you live and generate location relevant data for you.

So, a VPN over here works as a way of telling your internet that you live somewhere else and showing you different content that’s intended for a different location.

Interesting, Right? There is more what can you do with an IP address.

VPNs are commonly used for this purpose, most popularly by Netflix users when they want to access movies/seasons released in a different region, although Netflix doesn’t allow it.

There are more reasons you can get banned from a gaming server as well where VPN might not be the only solution.

gaming with headset

There are 4 other Fixes that can potentially be equally helpful.

  1. Corrupted game files:
    If you see this error message occur on Xbox, this is due to file integrity issues. So, you need to uninstall the game and reinstall it again.
  2. Cheat Engine & Softwares:
    You see this error code if you previously applied a cheat code. If you did, possibly you have to get this error. To fix this simply delete and uninstall the cheat codes and reinstall.
  3. Browser issue:
    Sometimes you will see this error code while playing the game from your browser directly. Change your browser or play your game on a different platform.
  4. 3rd Party Interference:
    Sometimes this happens occurs due to 3rd party applications. It can interfere while you playing the game. So first you need to disable the antivirus or permanently delete it and restart the pc, now check if the problem is resolved.

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