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Baby Sleep Sounds: White Noise

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It’s a fact that being a parent makes one really exhausted when you have a newborn baby in the household and sleeping consistently for a parent can be a dream.

After a few hours of the feedings phase, your baby might still have some trouble falling asleep so, in short, it wasn’t easy thousands of years ago, but it is today because it’s the twenty-first century, and as a parent, if you really want to make your life easier then continue reading.

Many parents nowadays use white noise machines and for those who don’t know what white noise is:

White noise is basically any steady background hum, such as the sound of an air conditioner, falling rain, or crashing waves. Many babies find that sound helps them relax and lessens the disruption from unexpected noises.

But if you can’t afford a white noise machine then you really don’t need to worry because the are many white-nose apps on Play Store and App Store but we have the best useful app for putting your baby to sleep in a good amount of time published by Creative Useful Apps and the name is Baby Sleep Sounds: White Noise.

Baby Sleep Sound is really easy to use and the most important part is that it’s FREE. The 20 best White noise sounds will put your baby to sleep magically.

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Baby Sleep Sounds: White Noise
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Due to the hectic life of parents, the app has special features such as can play the sound for 15 to 35 minutes or infinity. Moreover, you don’t need to wait to turn the screen on again as the sounds will still be playing when the screen turns off. Also on the top, you will get to see our own recommended sounds that will put your baby to sleep in a short time.

The best part of Baby Sleep Sounds is that there won’t be any Ads in between to disturb your baby and it can be used without the internet.

Sounds Categorized

Upcoming are some sounds that you will find in Baby Sleep Sounds.

1. White Noise

The white noise when turned on makes your baby sleep peacefully as it cancels the outside noise that is causing a disturbance and even helps to train your brain to know when it’s time to snooze.

2. Lullabies

The other sound that is scientifically proven to lull babies to sleep is Lullabies. This sound strengthens the emotional bond between a parent and child. Moreover, according to a survey Forty-one million individuals in the US sleep less than 6 hours, and the suggested amount of sleep for adults is 7 to 9 hours. Listening to a soothing song such as a lullaby can help make falling asleep easier.

So, just imagine if this sound can make an adult fall asleep easier than your baby will sleep more quickly and deeply.

3. Nature

Some of the nature sounds in the app include womb, rain, storm, and wind sounds. These are extremely helpful at soothing newborns and infants. Mostly when the babies are about to sleep they are disturbed by the outside sounds but when these Nature sounds are played they will cancel out the outside noise leading to a soothing sleep of babies.

4. Transport

In this mode, your baby will get to hear sounds of cars and planes as you mostly have experience if your baby is crying at home and sleeps eventually when you are going somewhere on your car due to those sounds.

5. Household

In the household category, you will find sounds of Vaccum, Radio, Ceiling Fan, and Hair Dryer. As many babies like to sleep in a loud noise as they think that someone is around them and helps them sleep peacefully.


After reviewing the Baby Sleep Sounds is a wonderful app that is really easy to use and above all it’s free. Also, it’s best for parents who are working the whole day and at night and if their baby won’t let them sleep they won’t be able to perform well due to less sleep.

So, for these parents, they can just turn on the white noise and your baby will fall asleep shortly. One of the main pros is that you can set the sound to infinity and you don’t have to come again and again to turn the sound ON again when the screen turns off.

But overall Baby Sleep Sounds is the best app you could get for your baby to sleep peacefully.

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