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Elden Ring Bugs: Some Ignore, Others Leave a Bad Rating

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It’s 3 weeks since the release of Elden Ring, and the hyped game that won the most awaited game awards for the last year has clearly:

gained a lot of players

and broke records.

With the immense hype it had, Elden Ring was expected by its fans to deliver the same way.

I turned to Reddit, checked top reviewers and competitors to get an unbiased scenario.

I made a poll too! Upcoming are its results!

Some fans seem to be clearly disappointed as the game didn’t seem to land to their expectations.

On the contrary, souls fans seem to be happy with the game and the open-world FromSoftware has delivered.

The game is getting reviewed well too as it has got a Metacritic score of 95 based on 52 reviews, and an Open Critic score of 96 that’s A LOT!

So, What is making fans dislike the game?

Scrolling through reviews and reading each one of them, we have some severe issues that need to be looked at.

Other issues were not so much of a pain for a real fan.

1. The most mentioned serious issue was: Laggy game with FPS issues!

Having played the game for around 75 hours, I can relate but users pick a lot too much on it. It does, but barely.

According to my Poll on Reddit, more than half of the voters showed their displease with the Lag/FPS issues.

2. Another issue was: No Support for wide monitors and locked FPS

As a wide monitor gamer, I surely can relate. And for a game that’s been postponed and hyped so much that’s also getting released in 2022, there should have been support for wide displays.

But, this in no way justifies a 1-star review.

3. Another most common complaint users made: Outdated Graphics

Users complained about “hideous” graphics and some wrote that it was not even PS4 level graphics.

On the contrary, other users seem to have loved the graphics and as a player of the game myself, I would rate them as decent graphics.

Elden Ring Bugs: Some Ignore, Others Leave a Bad Rating

4. The last most occurring issue I came across was: Gameplay/Storyline.

This review by apulido33 explains the situation quite well:

Elden Ring by nature is an exploration based open world. Heck the back of the box clearly states that its exploration based open world. Negative reviews that state the game is confusing, and difficult to get around is not a reason to place a negative mark on the game. The exploration is breathtaking, and always puts me on the edge. That feeling of adrenaline is all over the place. Boss fights are challenging as expected from a souls game, but the amount of exploration will tip the scales in your favor. Elden Ring pushes players to gear, level and learn the mechanics of the game. Most bosses are well designed, and game contains many secrets.

Why Fans love the game?

Elden Ring fans would admire everything about it, they still admit the fact that there are performance issues, and for a game with such a huge audience, and so vast, it’s expected to have some issues.

Additionally, updates won’t cost so fixes are incoming in future versions of the game.

True Souls fans appreciate the overall gameplay and this user review by BadPenguin sums up pretty much all of the reviews:

Don’t listen to all these complainers. Yes, this game is taxing on the machine but if you have a decent one you’re in good shape. What did you expect. Other than that here are the facts:
1) Enjoyment: It’s incredible and fun. All the best aspects pulled into one
2) Graphics: Gorgeous. I understand if your rig can’t play at max then lower the settings
3) Sounds: Music and effects are great

This is an instant classic. Don’t fill your head with everything people are saying and just try for yourself

Elden Ring Bugs: Some Ignore, Others Leave a Bad Rating

What do you think?
I’m curious to know your first impressions of the game and how you feel once you have played the game!

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