Valve Permanently Bans Over 40,000 Dota 2 Accounts for Cheating!

Valve, the game developer, has recently announced that it has taken action against over 40,000 accounts of Dota 2 players who were caught cheating. In a blog post released yesterday, the company revealed that several players were using third-party software to access data from the game client that was not visible during normal gameplay. The use of this software provided these players with an unfair advantage during the game.

To combat this cheating, Valve constructed a clever trap. After discovering the exploit, the company released a patch that created a section of data within the game client. This data was not visible during normal gameplay but could be accessed by the third-party software that was being used to cheat. Every single account that was banned had accessed this confidential data, which gave Valve “extremely high confidence that every ban was well-deserved.”

Valve’s announcement serves as a warning to other players who may be considering cheating. The company clarifies that it will not tolerate this behavior and will ban players who use cheat software, including professional players. This means that anyone who is found to be using such software can be permanently banned from playing Dota. The statement reinforces Valve’s commitment to fair gameplay and the integrity of competitive events, emphasizing that it will take action against those who seek to undermine this.

Daniyal Khan
Daniyal Khan

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