EASIEST Risk of Rain 2 Mods To Level Up Your Game

Want to Level Up your game experience with Risk of Rain 2 Mods?


You would be thinking What are the best Risk of Rain 2 Mods?

Risk of Rain 2 developed by Hopoo Games is a roguelike third-person shooter game in which you have to survive through a harsh environment full of enemies.

You can fight on mysterious planets with a maximum of 3 people who can be your friends.

But if you want characters like Goku who can make you win combats and want a BiggerBazaar where you purchase all the items for your need

then you need to get a hand on Risk of Rain 2 Mods.

And we have collected some best Risk of Rain 2 Mods for you below.

Does Risk of Rain 2 have mods?

Yes, Risk of Rain 2 has mods but you need to download them from thunderstore.

And these mods will increase your roguelike experience.

Do Risk of Rain 2 mods work in multiplayer?

Yes, Risk of Rain 2 Mods work in multiplayer but the game could be stuck

or, you need to make sure every player in the lobby is using the same mod, or else the game won’t start.

Video Guide For Risk of Rain 2 Mods


Moving on to the 10 Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods.

01. MinerUnearthed: Best Character Mod

The MinerUnearthed is back in Risk of rain 2 mods as it was previously developed and was used in the first part of Risk of Rain.

Rob the developer re-created this Miner mod in a 3D version so that the users can enjoy the same action as they were having in the first part of Risk of Rain.

It also includes the features such as Drill Charge, BackBlast, and To The Stars!

The Miner attacks by getting closer to the enemy and using Pickaxes.

When you will download MinerUnearthed you will get a custom boss mod named Direseeker, which was developed in the first part of Risk of Rain.

Also, you can use Minner in a multi-player match and show some skills to your friends.Miner risk of rain 2 mods

Moving on to the second-best in this list of Risk of Rain 2 mods

02. Gunslinger

The developer Dragonyck made Gunslinger in Risk of Rain 2 mods from being inspired by the Bandit playable character in Risk of Rain 2.

The Gunslinger comes with extra skins, skills, and map gradients.

Trying the Gunslinger mod is really fun and the features it has will help you to fight your enemies non-stop without getting defeated.Gunslinger Risk of Rain 2 mods

03. Sniper: Best Character Mod

The third-best in the Risk of Rain 2 Mods list is Sniper.

The developer Rein created Sniper in such a unique way and plays totally different from other Mods.

This character has the primary weapon known as the sniper rifle and can do damage of 600% to 900% to his enemies.

While playing with a sniper you can take a shot at enemies medium to long-range distance also you can use the Snipe and Spore ability in close combat.

If you want to play in Sniper mod with your friends then you need to make sure that everyone in the lobby is using Sniper mod or else it won’t allow random survivors.

Moreover, Backflip and Blink Knife skills allow the Sniper to escape from the enemy before getting killed.

In the Risk of Rain 2 mods, you should try the Sniper one and especially its Puncher ability of MUL-T which adds more fun to the character.sniper mods

04. Enforcer

The Enforcer is back in Risk of Rain 2 mods as it was previously developed and was used in the first part of Risk of Rain.

The Enforcer is equipped with a riot shotgun, a shield and also includes tear gas.

This shield helps the mod to defend himself and attack as it can do damage of 250% to 700% to his enemies.

The shotgun can be used in three alternate unlockable modes and the tear gas can last for 16 seconds.

And if you use both the shotgun and the tear gas together the Enforcer will slow down while attacking the enemies.Enforcer Risk of Rain 2 mods

Moving on to the 5th best in this list of Risk of Rain 2 mods.

05. Goku: Best Random Mod

If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z then Goku is one of the best form Risk of Rain 2 mods.

The developer Kinggrinyov created Goku in such a way that enables players to attract monsters using Kamehameha, and Spirit Bomb.

In this mod, Goku has many different skills and one of them is Ki Charge in which it collects inner energy from the surroundings of Petrichor V planet to destroy enemies.

Using its powerful fists Goku can strike in a close combat fight too.

Goku is so powerful character that can leap high, fly, run extra fast and charge up his Kamehameha which can do a lot of damage to monsters.

You can use the Goku mod to play Monsoon difficulty as it fits right for this spot.GOKU Risk of Rain 2 mods

06. Lemurian

Lemurian acts as an enemy in Risk of Rain 2 Mods. Many users didn’t even thought that they would be using Lemurian as a survivor.

The developer Tymmey has created the Lemurian mod with so many new skins and skills that when it will spit fire on the enemies it will gain more power meaning that Lemurian size will get bigger.

You can use the mod in multiplayer games but many players have reported bugs and the developers are working on it to fix it properly.Lemurian Risk oof rain Mods 2

Moving on to the 7the best in this list of Risk of Rain 2 mods.

07. ShareSuite: Best Random Mod

When you play multiplayer mode on Risk of Rain 2 most of the players loot the items that drop after killing the boss

which seems unfair as you kill the boss with your best skills and the items you need to move on with the game are taken by a stranger.

But you don’t need to worry about it because the ShareSuite is one of those Risk of Rain 2 mods that help to share the loot equally.

Whenever you will pick up an item everyone will get a copy of that item too and the money also goes into the shared pool.

The best part of ShareSuite is that everyone gets white-tier items.ShareSuite Risk of Rain 2 mods

08. BiggerBazaar

The BiggerBazaar is one of the useful mods from the list of Risk of Rain 2 mods.

All the items that players have can be purchased from this Bazar with money, lunar coins, and gold.

BiggerBazaar has friendly user settings which means you can adjust the base cost and rarity of items appearing at Newt’s shop.

As you know the gold you get at the end of your victory vanishes when you move on to the next stage

so, it’s best to use that gold to buy unique items and those things which help you to survive.bigger bazar

09. Multitudes By Wildbook: Best Random Mod

If you are feeling lonely while playing Risk of Rain 2 and getting bored then Multitudes By Wildbook mod will help you get through it.

Multitudes By Wildbook mod make the game challenging by increasing the number of players and also the stage difficulty.

This mode forces the game to think that more players are entering the game world.

Although your gold and rewards are not increased as the difficulty increases but you get a chance to kill extra aliens.

In Multitudes By Wildbook mod if the player count is increased to 3 then your game might get stuck or won’t load.Multitudes By Wildbook mod

At last, we have StartingItemsGUI which is the coolest Risk of Rain 2 mods.

10. StartingItemsGUI

Whenever you start Risk of Rain 2 your pockets are empty but the StartingItemsGUI mod is inspired by Undermine, Dungreed, and Dead Cells 

which gives you the money to buy items and choose those which are permanent unlocks.

Through StartingItemsGUI you can buy any item you like and start your game with them.StartingItemsGUI Risk of Rain 2 mods


These were the best of the Risk of Rain 2 mods we could get for you and if you want to see more mods then you can visit Thunderstore.

Also if you have some of the Risk of Rain 2 mods on your mind just let us know in the comment section below.



  1. What is Thunderstore io?

    Multitudes By Wildbook mod

    Thunderstore is where you can get Risk of Rain 2 mods but be aware because sometimes you might download a virus through it.

  2. Is loot shared in Risk of Rain 2?

    In the single-player mode, you get the same amount of loot but with the help of mod, you can share the loot equally.

  3. Does Risk of Rain 2 get harder with more players?

    Miner risk of rain 2 mods

    Yes, Risk of Rain 2 gets harder with more players as the game rules the more the player counts the harder it gets.


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