Red Dead Redemption 2: Discover 20 Mysterious Easter Eggs

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Red Dead Redemption 2: Discover 20 Mysterious Easter Eggs

Red Dead Redemption 2 gives players an extensive experience to explore easter eggs leading to mysterious locations you may be missed.

Featuring easter eggs in the game has always been the Rockstar’s strongest suit. They always offer the gaming community a whole package of storyline that aligns with the rest of their franchise, so they can keep their audience engaged with their other productions.

With RDR2, even the most curious may have missed out on many exciting storylines behind some cutscenes and side quests. In this article, we will discuss 20 different easter eggs from Red Dead Redemption 2.

RDR2 Easter Eggs With Locations

Below we have enlisted 20 of the best easter eggs along with their map location so you can experience the joy of exploring the secrets of the wild west.

1. Aliens Spaceship

Alien Spaceship Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

You might wonder, what are aliens doing out in the wild west? Rockstar Games never disappoints you when it comes to sci-fi or creepy-world things. Like many alien references in Grand Theft Auto V, you can find a flying spaceship near the Emerald Ranch in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Travel north to the Emerald Ranch until a little shack nearby the water edge crosses your path. Now head inside the little shack, and you’ll discover a horror scene like something terrible happened there.

Alien Spaceship Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

Look around, and you’ll find a note that tells you to come back at a second hour (02:00 AM) under the half-moon. When you come back into the shed at the mentioned hour, you find a green light illuminating from a flying saucer out of the shed’s broken roof.

2. Braithwaite Shame

If you’ve gone past from first three chapters in the storyline of Red Dead Redemption 2, it may not surprise you that the Braithwaite family are not good people. Now, if you head to the western part of Braithwaite estate, you will find something extremely disturbing in a small outhouse.

Braithwaite Shame Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

Inside the wooden shed, you can peek through a crescent cutting. You’ll find one of the family’s daughters screaming “bloody murder” with the shed doors locked in chains.

Braithwaite Shame Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

3. Crashed Airship

Crashed Airship Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

A crashed airship may seem like a perfect entry for its time in Red Dead Redemption 2. If you want to see it yourself in the RDR2, head to the Big Valley in West Elizabeth. Now travel to its western part, and you’ll find a crashed airship of some distich type in the woods near the cliff’s edge.

Crashed Airship Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

The crashed airship indicates a man’s attempts to fly in the air. Is it possible that this airship could be somehow related to the aliens, or does it represent the time travelers? Well, the gaming community on Reddit has been comparing the crashed airship with the Whitehead No.21 prototype.

4. Creepy Obelisk

Creepy Obelisk Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

Leaving the RDR2 fans wondering again, the Rockstar features another creepy yet mysterious object in the game in the form of an obelisk. This strange location can be found at Owanjila near the northwest side of the Big Valley. At the top of the hill, you’ll come across an obelisk.

Creepy Obelisk Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

This obelisk could be a relic representing the civilization in the Big Valley before. Another theory could be that this obelisk is some sort of sinister, based on its mysterious shape and location, or perhaps, it’s those aliens again. Rockstar likes to keep their fans guessing.

5. Donkey Lady

Donkey lady was more of a glitch than an easter egg in the early game Red Dead Redemption 2010. The video game glitch caused a 3D model of a woman who was given the abilities of a donkey or a horse. In Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar has noticed what fans discovered and added a little fun to it near Cholla Springs in New Austin.

Donkey Lady Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

Players can find the skeleton of a woman with the head of a donkey attached to it. The woman can be seen pushing a wooden block by the nearby well, portraying that woman worked hard until the end of her time.

Donkey Lady Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

6. Face in The Cliff

Face in The Cliff Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

This easter egg will take us to the mountains once again. Yes, if you’re wondering that we’re talking about Mount Rushmore, you’re right. But it’s not complete, and it is only the beginning of a statue resembling the incomplete face of a US President. Travel further to the southern mountain range, north of the Moonstone Pond.

Face in The Cliff Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

You may have to find a path to reach the mountain. Once you reach the top, you’ll find yourself in a small open area. Now you have to look for the trail leading to the crafted face out of the mountain. Eventually, you’ll find a scaffolding, which will lead you to what looks like Mount Rushmore.

7. Faces in The Trees

This encounter is probably creepy and mysterious at the same time, as it also follows the ties with some of the references from the old movies. To see these mysterious faces, you may have to head towards Owanjila, situated in the Big Valley once again.

Faces in The Trees Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

Explore the area near Owanjila lake, and you’ll find yourself in the middle of trees with angry-looking faces carved on them. The curious gaming community has been trying to reference these faces to the first Red Dead Redemption game. However, the faces are not entirely recognizable, which makes it difficult to pass an opinion.

Faces in The Trees Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

8. Ghost Train

Ghost Train Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

The Ghost Train is probably the most exciting easter egg of Red Dead Redemption 2. The spirit of the old-fashioned way will always live through us, which leads us to see this mysterious ghost train that leads north of Rhodes near Lemoyne track.

Ghost Train Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

Nighttime is the right time to see this ghost train, and it is best to be near the Lemoyne track in the middle of the night. You may not be able to interact with the ghost train. However, following the tracks, you can see its white floating shadow.

9. Grizzlies Monk

After reading this easter egg’s name, you might wonder, what’s a monk doing in the wild west? To see it yourself, you must reach Grizzlies East on top of the mountain. If you open the map, the pinpoint is right below the G and R initials.

Grizzlies Monk Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

At this pinpoint, you’ll be able to spot a monk dressed in a classic robe, just chilling and sitting peacefully around the cliff. Sure, you can attack and interact with the monk as he is an actual being, not a ghost or myth like other easter eggs.

Grizzlies Monk Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

10. Hobbit Hole

This location may not be so hidden, and you can easily spot it in Grizzlies East as a small house tucked around the grass. To find the Hobbit Hole, you may travel north of Bacchus Bridge near the easter side.

Hobbit Hole Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

This little hole is a spot with a white door adobe blending with the rest of the greenery on the hillside. This easter egg is not scary, and you won’t be attacked by any hidden creatures or animals either.

Hobbit Hole Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

11. Mammoth Bones

Mammoth Bones Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

This easter egg is probably the most findable if you’re fond of exploring around in the snow. Make your way to the north side near the spot where Deadboot Creek and Spider Gorge meet together.

Mammoth Bones Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

In the snowy area, you will find bones of a dead mammoth with long horn-shaped teeth. Many gamers have referenced this easter egg as a direct reference to the five-pound tooth that was discovered back in 1705.

12. Night Folk

The Night Folk easter egg is a direct reference to the previous Red Dead Redemption and what’s yet to expect from the gaming franchise. To discover the Night Folk, you’ll have to reach Bluewater Marsh during nighttime around 02:00 AM.

Night Folk Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

After reaching this time, keep your guns loaded because Night Folks are zombies and might attack you out of nowhere. These zombies were first introduced in Undead Nightmare, related to the original 2010 Red Dead Redemption.

Night Folk Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

13. Old Tomb

Old Tomb Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

The old tomb is an easter egg that will give you a historical vibe for which you’ll have to travel to Roanoke Valley near the New Hanover. Find your way to the west side of Deer Cottage, and you’ll find a tomb sunk into the earth.

Old Tomb Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

This old tomb is not just an easter egg; you can also find a Viking Hatchet and an Ancient Viking Comb. It’s a rare and collectible item among the rest of RDR2 rare weapons. You may find some healthy bones in the tomb besides these items.

14. Rock Carvings

The Rock Carvings easter egg is more of a side quest that involves discovering mysterious and astonishing drawings across various locations in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rock Carvings Pinpoints in Red Dead Redemption 2

These carvings are more like the drawings from the Epsilon Program from GTA V, making it a direct reference to the other franchise of the game. This quest creates a whole time-traveling situation, which leads to a woman carrying the baby of Francis Sinclair, who initiates this quest.

Rock Cravings Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

15. Ritual Sacrifice

The Ritual Sacrifice is probably the most gruesome of all easter eggs in Red Dead Redemption 2. To find this terrible scene, you’ll have to travel to the northwest region of Owanjila, in a wide-open area where the dark ritual had taken place.

Ritual Sacrifice Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

On the ritual site, you’ll find some stones, chalk drawings spread on the ground, and a bloody corpse of a healthy torso on a spike. It is not a pretty site, but you can take the mask from the torso as a wearable item.

Ritual Sacrifice Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

16. Sasquatch Bones

Yet another site like the mammoth skeleton will give you the chills, but this time it’s something unusual. The sasquatch bones are found at Mount Shann, situated on the North side of Strawberry.

Sasquatch Bones Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

At Mount Shann, you’ll find scattered bones and skull of a colossal giant. Some of us might narrate as the big foot, confirming the existence of the legend. Rockstar Games has often given this easter egg in their games, which is not a surprise for the gaming community.

Sasquatch Bones Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

17. Tiny Church

The name of this easter egg itself might leave you with many questions. The tiny church is a fun easter egg but strange at the same time, located on the west side of Lakay.

Tiny Church Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

The church seems more like a piece of art or a church for children or dwarfs. If you’re curious to give a peak, crawl inside to take a look. Although, the site to watch is enough anyway.

Tiny Church Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

18. The Mutant

The name mutant gives the idea of a creepy yet unusual creature that might be lurking around in Red Dead Redemption 2. However, this one seems more like a statue of an artificial monster located on the west side of Van Horn Trading Post.

The Mutant Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

Head into a small building, and you’ll find a strange pig hanging over the wall with arms and other body parts that seem unnatural. It sure isn’t pretty and doesn’t have a name.

The Mutant Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

19. The Strange Man

The strange man easter egg may give you nightmares, so be careful before exploring this one after the death of Arthur Morgan. Go to the pinpoint mentioned in the map below and head into the abandoned shack situated in Lemoyne.

The Strange Man Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

You’ll find information about the Armadillo plague and various maps in this shack. If you look in a  mirror, you will also see the strange man standing, whose painting is also placed in the cabin. This reference goes back to the original Red Dead Redemption, where John meets a strange man who tries to kill him.

The Strange Man Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

20. Witches Hut

Ready to receive a warm welcome from the supernatural? The witch’s hut can be found on the north side of Ambarino. You can find it right above the N initial of Ambarino to spot an old-looking shack.

Witches Hut Pinpoint in Red Dead Redemption 2

If you go inside, you’ll find many strange items like a stag’s horns, chemicals, potion brewing, and a cauldron. The site directly indicates it as a place where witches carry out their weird artifacts and make weird chemicals to cast spells.

Witches Hut Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2


Red Dead Redemption 2 is full of many mysteries, and we have summarized the best ones for you in this article. The game has many shows if a passionate gamer gives it enough time and attention. Hopefully, you can now discover these easter eggs on your own and get a chance to play this adventurous game by yourself.