Rainbow Six Siege Facing Server Downtime for 12 Hours

Players are experiencing connectivity issues with Rainbow Six Siege for hours during 12-13 March as Ubisoft is running server maintenance.

Rainbow Six Siege has faced a significant downtime between 12 and 13 March 2023, making it impossible for players to log in to their Ubisoft Connect accounts and facing server connectivity errors. Fans on Reddit have shared their frustration mentioning that there are always server connection problems causing the unavailability of Ubisoft Connect.

After noticing this frustrating response and hours of downtime, Ubisoft Support responded via their social media that they are working on resolving the connectivity issues as soon as possible.

Ubisoft updated the community twice in 12 hours that they are working on fixing the connectivity issues. However, the servers are still being investigated for unexpected issues, so it’s clearly not a routine check. There are various fixes to the matchmaking error players face during gameplay. Still, Ubisoft Service Status clearly shows that Rainbow Six Siege servers are down worldwide for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

When Will Rainbow Six Siege Server Downtime be Resolved?

Ubisoft typically updates their players, so they might face 60 minutes of downtime while maintaining or fixing their servers. However, the downtime between 12 and 13 March has lasted for more than 12 hours now, adding to players’ frustration. The server error fixes couldn’t be much of a help either, as the publisher has claimed that their servers are down. So, all we can do is wait till the servers go live again.


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