PlayStation 5 Pro Under Development Expected to Release Soon

Speculations that Sony is currently working on PS5 Pro, which might release in 2024.

PlayStation 5 has been out for almost three years, and a new report from Insider Gaming claims that a higher-spec version of the new PS5 is already under development at Sony. Though Insider Gaming has not revealed the name of its source, the amount of information on the upcoming PlayStation is limited.

So, let’s talk about the performance enhancement element on the PlayStation 5. The report claims that the PlayStation architect Mark Cerny, suggests improving the ray tracing performance with better hardware. Sounds like these changes will be made in the upcoming Pro version of the console then.

Similar to the performance differences between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, we expect enhanced visuals, better loading speeds, and more storage space from the PlayStation 5 Pro. Still, we’ll have to wait until Sony officially announces the hardware specs. The report also claims there is no chance of seeing a PS6 in the market until 2028.

Taking the PS4 and PS4 Pro release date differences under discussion, it is pretty clear that the time difference aligns perfectly to expect a new console release. PS4 Pro was released three years after its standard version, and now we can expect a PS5 Pro in the upcoming year, as the standard PlayStation 5 was released in 2020.

This is not the first time Insider Gaming has provided some news leaks on PlayStation hardware, as they posted back in September 2022, claiming that Sony may launch consoles with detachable disk drives. The recent chip shortage affecting the PS5 supply worldwide is a debatable topic as a logical explanation for covering PS5 Pro hardware manufacturing needs. For now, let’s wait, as only time will we talk more about the technological advancement of the next-gen consoles.


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