Lost Ark Ship Upgrades| How to Upgrade Your Ship in Lost Ark

Ready for Sailing?

Lost Ark is an online action role-playing game that offers PvE and PvP content for Players.

You explore multiple islands in Lost Ark which requires a ship.

And your ship needs to be fully upgraded in order to have a fun and productive adventure. Each upgrade offers unique naval capabilities.

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So are you ready to upgrade your Ship to its full potential?

Let’s Go.

Ship Class System:

The seas in Lost Ark offer considerable treasures and adventures but they can also be dangerous. You can meet with 6 types of hazardous water that can damage your ship.

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lost ark 2
  • Sandstorm Seas: It will reduce the visibility and damage your ship
  • Cold Snap Seas: Frozen sea will slow your ship
  • Kelp Bed Waters: Will slow your ship
  • Tempest waters: Disable your crew’s skills and deals damage
  • Siren Seas: Siren stuns the ship when you remain in the same place for too long
  • Dead waters: The ship’s health and speed decrease.

Ship Types:

Ships are divided into 8 types and in certain types of environments, each class is better.

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  • White Band: Have high resistance against sandstorm water
  • Eibern’s Wound: have high resistance against dead waters
  • Strumbreacher: Have high resistance against cold snap seas
  • Tragon: Have high resistance against tempest waters
  • Eurus: High resistance to kelp bed waters but low resistance to other hazards
  • Brahms: High resistance to siren seas
  • Astray: fast ship and good in kelp bed waters and Sandstrom seas
  • Estoque: Good throughout the whole game
lost ark 1

Upgrading your ship is important but take your time in each upgrade.

Upgrade your Ship in Lost Ark:

You’ll need Pirate coins to upgrade your ship in Lost Ark. You first find the blueprints and upgrade parts in treasures or sunken ships but you can also buy and craft them Processor or Merchant Ship.

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lost ark 2

After that, open the Ship menu, select the ship you want to upgrade, and then confirm your selection.

Let’s Sail now!

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