How to Make Compass in Minecraft

Want to make a compass in Minecraft to explore?

I’ll show you in detail how you can do that.

You can also find the compass in the shipwrecks but it’s better to make one.

Things required to make a Compass

Aside from crafting and mining you can also explore Minecraft but you can also get lost easily. You should always have a compass with you.

Where does the Minecraft compass point?

The needle of the compass always points towards the world spawn point. With the compass, you don’t have to worry about being lost or finding your way back home.

How can I make a compass?

Compass is fairly cheap to make. You only need two things.

  • Iron ingot
  • Redstone dust

You can easily find both of these things while mining. So take your pickaxe and start digging now.

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Make Iron Ingots to make Compass in Minecraft

While mining you’ll see a grey stone with pink spots on it as shown in the picture below, these are iron ore. Mine them with a pickaxe.

How do you make an iron ingot in Minecraft? or How do you turn iron blocks into ingots?

By smelting, you can easily make iron ingots. Place coal in the bottom slot and iron ore in the top slot of the furnace. Move Iron Ingots to the inventory

Make Redstone Dust to make Compass in Minecraft

Redstone ore looks like a grey stone with red spots on it as shown in the picture below.

How do you make Redstone dust in Minecraft?

By mining Redstone ore, they instantly drop Redstone dust(mine them with an iron pickaxe). You can use them directly with the iron ingots in a crafting table to make a compass.

Make Compass

Now you’ve got both the ingredients, you can make a compass easily. Place them in proper order as shown in the picture below, 1 Redstone dust in the middle of the crafting table surrounded by 4 Iron Ingots.

I hope this article helps you in making your compass.

Do tell me in the comments if you find this article helpful.

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