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How to Get Left Hand in Valorant? Best Guide

Want to know how to get left hand in Valorant?


Are you wondering why most of the players and streamers use the left hand instead of the right hand?

Don’t worry about it!

The CPU Guide brings you the best working Tutorial to show How to get a left hand in Valorant.

Valorant is a hero shooter game developed by the Riot games for Microsoft Windows. This game allows the user to experience the modern version of the counter strike. Valorant right now is very popular in teen to adult ages.

Every hero/character in the game has unique abilities which help the player to defend and create distractions on front assault and this will lead you to win the game. The ranking system provided by Riot Games in Valorant helps you to analyze your performance and compare your gaming skills with your gaming buddies.

Valorant did not allow users to customize the agent in any aspect but you can customize your weapons by applying different skins to them. You can find weapons skins in the crate you will have after winning the game when your tier will go or when the new agent is unlocked.

In Valorant, each of the ranks required approx 3000 XP to increase the tier. As your rank upgrades in the Valorant more difficult the game becomes So, it is not easy to gain XP in upper ranks as compared to the lower-tier game.

Let’s answer some highly asked questions about how to get left hand in Valorant.

Video Guide: Get Left Hand in Valorant


How do I enable left hand on Valorant? How to Get Left Hand in Valorant?

Here is how you can enable left hand on Valorant/Get Left Hand in Valorant easily follow the mentioned step down below:

  1. Open Valorant
  2. On the home page click on the gear icon located on the right top corner
  3. A small menu with option will open
  4. Select settingsSettings menu Get Left Hand in Valorant
  5. Select General tab Settings Get Left Hand in Valorant
  6. Scroll down and find the “Other” heading
  7. Find: “First Person Handedness
  8. Select the “Left” option in front of it
  9. Now Close Settings

Is left eye dominance common?

Well, left eye dominance is common as compared to right eye dominance but this totally depends on the regions you live in. In Valorant if you have a left eye dominance then you should go right-hand model. And if you have a right-eye dominant then you should choose left-hand models.

By changing these settings you will be able to play more accurately than before. When you change the handedness in Valorant it’s recommended that you should go and practice before heading to any match. Work out your aim and make it accurate so you can slay in the match.

Hope all of the above tutorials help you How to Get Left Hand in Valorant.

Share your experience in the comments section down below.


How do I enable opponent chat in Valorant?


If you want to enable the opponent chat in Valorant, follow the instructions down below:
1. Open Valorant 
2. Start the match
3. Hide your agent in the safe place
4. While you playing the game press the “Esc” button
5. The Settings will open
6. Now you can see 6 Major options on the top
7. Select the “MATCH
9. You can see the “TEXT CHAT” option
10. Check the box of players which you want to chat
11. Now you can send a text chat with your enemy

How do I activate all chat?

valorant 3

1. Open Valorant 
2. Start the match
3. Hide your agent in the safe place
4. While you playing the game press the “Esc” button
5. The Settings will open
6. Now you can see 6 Major options on the top
7. Select the “MATCH
8. Next to the SURRENDER button there is an option
9. “MUTE ALL ENEMY TEXT CHAT” uncheck the option
10. Now click on the CLOSE SETTINGS.

Can Riot ban you for using VPN?

valorant 2

No, You can easily use a VPN in Valorant. Hiding your IP didn’t bother the game. So it’s permitted to use the VPN in Valorant but using the in long run will not be recommended.

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