How to Create a Mii on Nintendo Switch [Tutorial]

In Nintendo Switch Sports, the default avatar is called Sportsmates, which replaces the Miis that were featured in the original Wii Sports.

However, if you prefer to use Mii characters in the new game, you can create them in the system settings on the Switch, although the option may be somewhat hidden and not easily accessible.

So let’s create Mii on the switch

Create a Mii on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch, like the 3DS and Wii U, has a built-in Mii editor that allows you to create and customize Mii characters. However, it is not directly accessible from the home menu, so it may be easy to miss.

Here’s how to locate and use the Mii editor on the Switch:

  1. Select the System settings
    system settings nintendo switch
  2. Scroll down And select Mii
    photo 2023 01 05 11 57 54
  3. Select Create/Edit a Mii
    photo 2023 01 05 11 57 51
  4. A new window will open select “Create New Mii
    photo 2023 01 05 11 57 46
  5. Then select “Start from Scratch
  6. Now Select the Gender and start making your Mii
    photo 2023 01 05 11 57 48
  7. Now start creating your Mii easily on Nintendo Switch.

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Video Guide: How to Create Mii On Nintendo Switch

Hopefully above tutorial helps you to Create Mii on Nintendo Switch easily.


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