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Forspoken has received many negative reviews lately, raising its fear to flop. However, the game has overcome its flaws by offering unique action.

Forspoken came out to be a disappointment, with loads of sarcasm and mockery thrown at game developers Luminous Productions due to insane PC requirements and poor graphics. The game received serious criticism from major names like IGN(6/10) and Metacritic (68/100) due to bad reviews and mixed opinions from fans.

Leaving all the critics aside, I am going to highlight how combat style and magical parkour have saved Forspoken’s reputation from getting doomed. In this article, The CPU Guide brings you the enjoyable side of the recently released Forspoken, which will revive your hope to play the game.

What Makes Forspoken Worth Playing in Open World Games?

Looking at the ratings and comments of the gaming community, I believe players shared their side of the story based on Forspoken’s demo gameplay. However, the game had a lot to offer in the final release, which has overshadowed many flaws of Forspoken to make it a game worth playing for the following reasons.

Likable Character

The first factor focuses more on the emotional aspect than the performance aspect. A nationally black protagonist joining the trending world of media entertainment is endorsed across all gaming franchises. Frey’s character is based on a 21-year-old girl with no parents and a criminal record. Her life seems to be falling apart when she finally enters the magical world of Athia, where her life elevates dramatically.

Fans appreciated Luminous Productions for introducing a character of color in the game, which represents the ethnic diversity of gaming demographics. Frey’s duo with her magical bracelet Cuff shares how Frey’s loneliness is shared with a supporting companion, which performs more like JARVIS from the Iron Man movie. Forspoken showed their love for the game via social media to appreciate the plot and storyline of the game.

Magic Parkour

Parkour in Forspoken is something that it is known for. I got that cool athletic vibe like Assassin’s Creed movement mechanics when I played the game for the first time. However, Luminous Productions did a pretty good job portraying magical effects while Frey jumps around in the game.

I discovered a lot of activities that you can do with magic parkour, involving both combat and interactive moves with various sections of the game. I had a lot of fun collecting Mana as it helps to enhance Frey’s magical abilities to create spells. From all aspects, magical parkour is the signature identity of Forspoken.

Striking Combat Style

The combat style is one of the fun parts of Forspoken. I discovered that parkour and magical effects are interrelated to give a stylish combat style that has never been seen on the screen. Combat animation enhances the effect even more, which gave me an overwhelming experience.

After experiencing the magical combat style, I can confidently say Forspoken was able to overshadow its flaws seamlessly. Moreover, I could cast spells and select powers depending on an enemy’s weaknesses, which really helped me fight with designated combos. I must say, those are pretty cool features for a top-tier open-world game.

Immersive Gaming Experience

Though a lot of questions were raised about Forspoken’s PS5 exclusivity. But I’d say Luminous Production understood the PlayStation 5 hardware and features pretty well. The DualSense controller’s speakers sync with dialogue to give audio feedback which gave me a realistic experience.

I could actually feel the surface difference while playing Forspoken on PlayStation 5 due to the haptic feedback and vibration intensity. The personal touch of an immersive gaming experience makes things more interactive for gamers on adventurous quests.

Final Words

Reading a lot of criticizing comments and experiencing the good and the bad elements in Forspoken, I’d say the game is still worth playing based on its parkour-style combat and magical spells. The game lacks in some areas regarding various open-world areas and high PC requirements. But it is all about the player’s perspective.

Are you more into the gameplay optimization or the storyline? Let us know what you prefer in the recently released Forspoken.


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