Blood Bowl 3 Preview: You Goal or You Die

Blood Bowl 3 is going to be the biggest football gaming news of February after the Super Bowl, and here is the first preview of the game.

Blood Bowl 3 follows a unique approach by bringing medieval warfare to the tabletop game. I find the game quite fascinating compared to the previous releases over the years, which couldn’t gain much popularity. For those who don’t know, Blood Bowl 3 is a Warhammer-style game that combines classic American football and medieval warfare in a bloody sport.

Cyanide will officially release the game on February 23rd, 2023. However, The CPU Guide is here to give you a preview of the game from the beta version to share with you what we’ve learned about it ahead of its big release.

Kicking Off With Introduction

For those who have no idea about the Blood Bowl franchise, The Blood Bowl 3 is going to be the third installment of the series, which features a turn-based sports game. In this game, we’ll have complete control over a football team of fearless monsters who are ready to taste death and crush their enemies for that perfect touchdown.

The game is focused on a campaign based, and the difficulty is not too challenging, which makes it pretty easy to play, even for beginners. I prefer diving right into online tournaments to engage in battles with my friends to engage in our own tournaments. Moreover, the game supports cross-platform, which means I can play this game with any of my friends, no matter if they are on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.

Grid Based Gameplay

The game features a grid-based system that makes it easier for players to control the sports-based experience. However, I don’t expect the gameplay mechanics to be as fluid as the real-time sports experience since the game is set up in a turn-based setting.

The turnovers in this game were quicker than my expectations and frequently occurred, making things risky and challenging for the players. The game truthfully follows the rules of a board game featuring random dice roles. I got to say that the game has adopted serious similarities with Warhammer’s Old World (which is yet to release), as I find characters from both games pretty identical.

Board Style Gaming Experience in Blood Bowl 3

Customizable Characters

Like many other fans, I was expecting some customization in the game, and here it is. The Blood Bowl 3 confirmed via Twitter that players will be able to customize their sports monsters with many skins and cool-looking additions to make them look brutal yet fearsome on the field.

We can switch helmets, armor, and gloves to customize our characters, which seems pretty basic and nothing really to hype about. I would say that we are just changing the wardrobe rather than actually customizing the character. The characters look pretty buffed from the beginning, but that’s fine by me. The digital counterparts in the new Blood Bowl 3 look great when it comes to the detail of graphics and textures.


Blood Bowl 3 is a fine version of a digital tabletop game. The matches shown in the preview seem pretty promising, and I hope the game will deliver its best in the final version. But the question remains Will the game be able to engage new audiences rather than those who are already familiar with the game’s series?

We’ll have to wait until the final release to find that out.


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