Error Code 267 FIXED

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DISCONNECTED: You were kicked for the game: You have been banned for: cheating suspicious(unbanned in 10 hours) 

No, Worries! We Have a Fix

What causes Roblox Error Code 267?

1. Outdated browser

2. Unstable Internet

3. Outadted PC 

4. Ad blocker

5. Old internet settings

3 Reasons Why

How Do You Fix Error 267 on Roblox?


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Solution 1: Use Compatible, Supported & Updated Browser

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Most Roblox users still start games using old browsers. Doing so inevitably gives an error 

Solution 2:

Check your Wireless 

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Then your internet connection is not stable. The network connection may be poor 

To fix this, you can test if the internet is working using your desktop's wired cable 

If you are certain that the root cause is not an internet connection, 

Proceed to the next step. Also, clear all cache in your browser while opening the game

Solution 3:

Turn off / Remove or Disable Ad-Blocker

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Step 1

– Go to your Chrome browser setting – Select Extension

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