Squirrel With a Gun? You Thinking What I am Thinking

Squirrel with a Gun is the latest video game coming to Steam very soon


It’s not like other normal shooting games as you will be seeing a squirrel running through a town with normal-sized guns chasing and can use to rob people, solve puzzles, and apparently fight shadowy men in black-style government agents which can be seen in the trailer below.

Squirrel with a Gun is being developed by Dan DeEntremon.

The Squirrel with a Gun will be able to disarm enemies. Use the recoil of the guns to fly through the air and cross big gaps you wouldn’t be able to cross with your squirrel skills alone. You can even rob the residents of your neighborhood of their phones, cake, and more.

The developer DeEntremont made the game’s Steam page and Squirrel With a Gun’s planned release date is “good question!

image 145

This means it may be released soon though

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