Which Games In Your Steam Library Are Compatible With The Steam Deck?

So, You’ve Got Yourself A Steam Deck.

And want to know How To See Which Games In Your Steam Library Are Compatible With The Thing.

Now anyone using Steam can quickly assess which of their favorite games are playable from the Steam Deck.

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Valve breaks the games up into four different categories:

  • Deck Verified
  • Deck Playable
  • Unsupported Deck Games
  • Untested Deck Games

You’ll see a list of games you own and those that are compatible will be mentioned. Don’t worry if you don’t find a game on the list now, Valve is adding more every day as they work to make sure everything is compatible.

See Which Games In Your Steam Library Are Compatible With The Steam Deck

Steps to Check the Compatibility of Game:

For this to work, you need a steam account and a library of games.

Have both of Those?

Let’s move forward then:

  • Go to the Steam Deck compatibility tool website
  • Put your login credentials and sign-in
  • Now when the web page refreshes, to see your steam library, scroll down through the categories.


It’s best to play games that are listed in the “Verified” category. These games have been tested by Valve’s team across all metrics, including performance to input controls and display, and should deliver the best experience on their upcoming console.

verified games


Steam says that any of the titles listed under “Playable” are fully compatible with the portable console, but adds that you may need to manually adjust the graphics settings or use the touch screen and on-screen keyboard for things like typing a name.

playable games

Unsupported & Untested:

Steam Deck games listed as “Unsupportedcannot be played on the console. “Untested” games are set up to work with Steam, but haven’t been fully evaluated to see how they perform yet.

unsupported games

The Steam Deck is constantly being updated, so check back often to see if your favorite games have been updated for compatibility.