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Roblox Famous “OOF” Sound Will be No Longer Available

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Sad News for Roblox Fans

If you are a die-hard fan of Roblox and have been playing for a long time then you will be familiar with the well-known “oof” sound that comes when a player dies or resets their character.

So, recently Roblox officially announced on their Twitter account that

Related to sounds, due to a licensing issue we have removed the “oof” sound from Roblox and have created a replacement default sound

The reason for licensing issue is that the “oof” sound is not created by Roblox as its originally created by Tommy Tallarico, formerly a video game composer who made for the FPS Messiah, released in 2000

In 2020, when Tallarico first discovered Roblox’s use of the effect he came to an agreement with Roblox where anyone building a Roblox game experience would have to pay $1 (or 100 Robux) to be able to use the sound in their creation.

Roblox Famous "OOF" Sound Will be No Longer Available

So, either the agreement has been ended, or there’s some other issue between both the parties leading to the removal of the most famous Roblox “oof” sound.

New Sound!

Many Roblox players shared the new death effect’s sound on Twitter. Several gamers were surprised and some fans believe that it sound like a moan.

But most of the users want the original “oof” sound back

Let us Know

Do you like the new default sound or not in the comments section below.

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