How to Teleport in Minecraft? Minecraft Teleport Command?

How to Teleport in Minecraft? How to tp someone to you in Minecraft?

Are you lost in Minecraft?

If yes then I truly know what you will be going through because getting lost in Minecraft really irritates you and is mostly angry whether it’s a single or multiplayer game.

But you don’t need to worry because you will have the power to teleport to any location of your choice with just one command.

So for How to Teleport in Minecraft just follow below.

Can you teleport in survival Minecraft?

Yes, but you need to find an Ender pearl to teleport in survival mode in Minecraft and it can be found in stronghold chests or by killing Endermen.

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What do you do if you get lost in Minecraft Creative?

If you are lost in Minecraft creative you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Bring up the coordinates menu and start moving in that direction.
  2. And follow those coordinates which bring the number of your house coordinates closer.

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Best Video Guide for How to Teleport in Minecraft:

Now moving on to How to Teleport in Minecraft.

How to Teleport in Minecraft on PC/Mobile/Consoles?

Teleporting in Minecraft is an easy job to do and you can teleport anywhere or anything.

For the Java version, you can teleport between the Overworld and under.

So it requires only one cheat know as the Tp cheat for teleport.

And let’s see How to Teleport in Minecraft:

  1. Launch Minecraft on your device.
  2. Select the mode like the creative world or whichever you want to use for teleport.
  3. Go to Settings and Activate Cheats in your world settings.
  4. Now open up the chat window if it:
  5. Playstation (Press Right on the D-pad)
  6. Xbox (same as above)
  7. Mobile (Tap the chat icon at the top of the screen)
  8. PC (Press T key)
  9. Nintendo Switch (Press Right on the D-pad)
  10. Now enter the Tp command which will consist of the character name and coordinates for example:
  11. /tp zulyboy222  X Y Z

In the Java edition, you can see the coordinates of the current location by pressing Fn + F3 or Alt + Fn + F3.

In Bedrock Edition enable Show Coordinates in the world settings.

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How does Coordinates Work in Minecraft?

The coordinates in Minecraft mean:

  1. Using a positive value for X and Z increases the distance towards the east or south while using a negative value the distance increase from west or north.
  2. An increase in Y meaning the player moves up and vice versa.
  3. In end, if the Tp command was entered correctly you will receive a message saying you have been teleported to the indicated location.

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How to Teleport to a Relative Set of Coordinates in Minecraft?

You will repeat the same steps as above but for the Tp command for teleporting an object in Minecraft

to its current position you need to add a Tide ( ) in the coordinates.

For example : /tp zulyboy222 tide X tide Y  tide Z

How to Teleport directly to another Player in Minecraft? How to tp someone to you in Minecraft?

It’s simple and all you need to do is add the character name to which you want to teleport.

For example: /tp zulyboy222 Ghostuncle555

I hope you get to know how to teleport in Minecraft and teleport command and if you got any questions just let us know.



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