How and Where To Find Flora Genshin Impact?

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You don’t know the hidden things about Genshin Impact Flora?

Flora is a young girl who eagerly attends her flower shop near Mondstadt’s front gate and she is the most used NPC’s in Genshin Impact. She is involved in multiple quests inside the city and you can buy beautiful flowers from her shop.

Video Guide: How and Where To Find Flora Genshin Impact?

Moreover, if you want to know where Flora shop is and how to get there then you need to follow the guide below.

Where is Flora Genshin Impact?

When you are asked to bring flowers for Lisa, the only place you will be recommended is Flora’s shop. As she is only a kid so, her shop is closed during night time and most users visit her shop during the night and couldn’t find it. So, you need to forward your time from night to day.

To find Flora Genshin Impact you need to follow the steps below:

  1. If you are a new player you can see Flora’s location on the Genshin Impact world map.
  2. Go to the sky-blue player icon location as shown on the map and there you will find Flora.Flora genshin impact
  3. Open the Time Panel by clicking the avatar located at the top left corner of your screen.
  4. You will see a little clock with a dial.
  5. Now move the arrowhead of the clock between 9 am and 5 pm and Flora will show up in front of her shop.change time genshin impact flora

Flora sells a variety of flowers and plants that can be bought using Mora. Some of the flowers that Flora has are Calla Lily, Small Lamp Grass, Sweet Flower, Windwheel Aster, and Cecilia.

Now you know where is Flora Genshin Impact so, if you want to impress Lisa now is the chance.

What Are Some Hidden Facts about Flora Genshin Impact?

Here are some 8 hidden facts that you need to know about Flora in Genshin Impact:

01. She is Creative

The first hidden fact about Flora Genshin Impact is that Flora regularly asks the travelers about ways to preserve the excess flowers she cuts for customers. Also, she uses the cold weather to preservers the flowers and wants them planted in Dragonspine to see how they fare.

And she will ask for your help to go to Dragonspine for checking the status of the flowers but you know that storing something in Dragonspine is a hard task as it gets stolen even if they are flowers of Flora Genshin Impact.Creative-flora-Genshin-Impact

Moving on to the second fact you need to know about Flora.

02. Flora Don’t Like Storms

On number 2 is the fact that she dislikes storms as she really gets worried about the flower when the storm appears. As the flowers around Mondstadt get damaged the wind is a good thing as it will scatter dandelion seeds.

Also, Flora loves to plant the flowers but if there’s a windy storm then all the flowers get killed.Flora-on-storms-Genshin-Impact-Cropped

03. She Has a World Quest

The 3rd hidden fact of Flora Genshin Impact is that Flora has a world quest for players that is only available when the players reach Adventurer Rank 24. The name of the quest is Flighty Flora… and Flora. In this quest, you need to talk to Flora in which she will tell you that the Stormterror incident caused many of her plants to be blown away and need some fresh plants.

So, you need to help her by finding and collecting some flowers or plants for her. When the flowers will grown in front of her she will be happy selling them back again.flora-Genshin-Impact

Moving on to the 4th hidden fact about Flora.

04. Her Favorite Book: Fox in the Dandelion Sea

The fact about Flora on number 4 is that her first favorite book of Flora Genshin Impact is the Fox in The Dandelion Sea. Flora release her book at the Windblume Festival. The story revolves around the adventure of a playful fox and a hunter and is geared towards Teyvat children.

The book has 11 volumes and she is trying to read them all also the love for Jean can be seen since she is known as the Dandelion Knight.The-Fox-in-The-Dandelion-Sea-flora-Genshin-Impact

05. Her Sister: Flora Genshin Impact

Flora’s sister’s name is Chloris and many users who spent time roaming Mondstadtmight have come across her. She usually sells plants to players and like her sister, she has a limited stock, and she won’t be available during the late-night hours.

And when you meet Chloris, her only wish is that her sister should expand the plants more than the flowers.Chloris-flora-Genshin-Impact

Moving on to the 6 hidden facts that you need to know about Flora Genshin Impact

06. She Sells Five Types of Items

Flora sells only five types of items and they are Calla Lily, Small Lamp Grass, Sweet Flower, Windwheel Aster, and Cecilia. And these are useful for ascension and can be restocked around every three days.Flora-Shop-Genshin-Impact

07. Flora’s Imaginary Friend

Flora is a child that runs her flower shop as shown in the first chapter of Venti’s story. Traveler and Venti begin investigating imaginary friends, and they came across Flora as she is one of the NPCs and is one of the younger residents of Mondstadt.

As you know that Flora loves plants so her imaginary friend is from one of them and that is Bloaty Floaty, the same plant that you find around Mondstadt, and pop its bubbles to gain loot.flora-friend-Genshin-Impact-

08. She was an Adult

The last hidden fact about Flora Genshin Impact is that she used to be an Adult when Genshin Impact was in beta version. She used to be an NPC adult and similar to other characters living in Mondstadt city.

Moreover, she used to wear a purple dress and had the same role as her younger versions. We don’t know why the transformation of Flora occurred.Flora-Genshin-Impact adult

Where is Flora location Genshin impact?

Flora is a kid with an NPC in the City of Mondstadt. She is the owner of Floral Whisper, a flower shop, and sells only five kinds of items.

Where can I find Windwheel Aster?

Windwheel Asters grow in areas of Mondstadt that have a gentle breeze. They are found in Stormterror’s Lair and Windrise, with the exception of a few groups near the Statues of The Seven of Dawn Winery and Starfell Lake.

I hope you get to know about Flora Genshin Impact and where you can find her shop.

So, if you got any questions regarding Genshin Impact Flora then let us know in the comments section below.


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