Diablo IV Won’t be Coming to Xbox Game Pass Activision Confirms

Diablo IV is releasing after a decade of wait, and it won’t launch on Xbox Game Pass as Activision confirms they have ‘no plans’ for that.

Diablo IV is releasing on June 6, 2023, after almost a decade-long wait from its prequel, Diablo III. As excited as the fans are for the new action role-play game, Activision Blizzard has brought some disappointing news for Xbox players. Being straight to the point, Diablo manager Rod Fergusson mentioned that they have ‘no plans’ to bring Diablo IV to Xbox Game Pass.

As mentioned in Fergusson’s Tweet, there are no hopes for Diablo IV to feature on Game Pass. The new Diablo was expected to come on Xbox Game Pass due Microsoft’s pending plan to acquire Activision Blizzard. There are some speculations and rumors that Diablo not coming to Xbox Game Pass could result from a deal gone wrong. Nevertheless, these are all fan-made speculations.

How to Get Early Access Beta of Diablo IV?

The release date is still far away, so plans could change during this period. But until then, the players can join the closed beta from March 17 to March 19. Furthermore, the open beta will begin on March 24, where anyone can experience a demo version of the game until March 26. So, to become part of the early access beta, if you have pre-ordered the game or ordered a KFC meal with a ‘Diablo Early Access’ sticker.

Players who will attain a particular milestone during the beta period will get exclusive in-game content and titles after the full release of Diablo IV on June 6. There will be a lot of fresh content to release with the final version of Diablo IV, unveiling seasonal content, expansions, and battle pass. More to expect from Blizzard, as we only have to wait a couple of months more.


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