Destiny 2 Servers Crash Amidst Severe Issues: Bungie Forced to Disable API Connections

Destiny 2 players are facing a new problem as the game’s servers are not working well. They are getting disconnected frequently, facing errors, and even a waiting list to enter the game. Also, third-party apps that were helpful for the players have been disconnected by Bungie. This has made it difficult for players to access certain features in the game.

Players have been experiencing more error messages in Destiny 2, such as weasel, chicken, and plum. Weasel and chicken are network errors, while plum has to do with the game’s anti-cheat system and can happen if there are connection issues. Some players who managed to log in received a message saying “contacting Destiny servers” or had to wait in a queue to get into the game.


The loading screen in Destiny 2 has a message saying that login services are being slowed down because too many people are trying to log in at once. Players are advised to wait on this screen until the login services become stable and they can successfully enter the game.

While Destiny 2 was going through maintenance work in the background for Hotfix, players faced connectivity issues, prompting Bungie to extend the maintenance period twice. Bungie recognized the issues and began investigating 10 minutes after they arose, and 20 minutes later, the company disabled API and all integration features on its website.

This means third-party tools will not have access to Destiny 2. The duration of the disruptions is unknown, and Bungie is still working to fix the issues. To stay updated on Destiny 2’s server status, players should check the Bungie Help Twitter page.

Maintenance gets extended.


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