Pre-orders for the Dead Space remake now include the original Dead Space 2 on Steam as a Bonus.

As the release of EA Motive’s Dead Space remake approaches, the company is offering a bonus to players who pre-order the game on Steam. The bonus is a copy of the original 2011 game Dead Space 2, which will be included in the package. The remake of the sci-fi horror classic is set to launch on January 27th for PC and current-generation consoles, featuring enhanced audio and visuals, gameplay improvements, and more.

This is a great opportunity for players who have yet to play the sequel, as Dead Space 2 is valued at $17.99 on Steam and it’s a chance to save and dive straight into Isaac’s continuing story after the credits roll on the remake.

Dead Space remake offer

The upcoming release of the Dead Space Remake might be a relief for those who were disappointed by the recent release of The Callisto Protocol, as the new game from the original creator of Dead Space, is seen as a similar experience.


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