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Blood Bowl 3 multiplayer is feared to be a flop as the developers are looking for a solution to deal with the runaway leader challenge.

Blood Bowl 3 has become a major source of attention the launch day is coming closer. The game has offered many amazing features with an all-level worldwide tournament experience. I think it is a pretty cool concept for Super Bowl fans, as the game is launching in the same month when American football is hyped.

Now speaking of American football, I believe things might get a little rough if we discuss following the game’s rules. The developer’s team at Cyanide Studio is becoming more concerned about the game becoming a major flop on release due to the runaway leadership problem, as mentioned by the project manager Gautier Brésard.

But why is it such a concerning issue, and what could be the solution? The CPU Guide is here to break down how the Blood Bowl 3 multiplayer works and what type of adaption it takes from the Blood Bowl Second Season in terms of rules and restrictions.

What’s the Gameplay Concept in Blood Bowl 3?

Blood Bowl 3 is a fantasy football game based on a tabletop strategy. The game has a range of teams involving humans, monsters, and all kinds of creepy creatures. The concept revolves around the brutal action added with a bit of comedy and some sense of humor, which seems more like the adaption of Warhammer the World.

In the game, we earn Star Player Points by knowing out the enemies or scoring against the other team. These points can later be used to upgrade skills or customize characters in the game. However, certain groups in the game can involve in multiple league seasons to excel and claim their title, and that’s where things might become a bit fussy.

Multiplayer Could Become Impossible for Beginners

I believe these highly skilled teams could become unstoppable in the multiplayer, leaving no chance for the beginner teams to score any Star Player Points. The same challenge was faced in Blood Bowl 2, where the game developers had to wipe everything to keep things balanced in the multiplayer.

Players Fighting in Blood Bowl 3

In this way, the new incoming or low-skilled teams would get a fair chance to play and excel in the leagues. I find this concept of an all-level tournament challenge a bit contradictory with the skill-based team’s challenge, as it could make things nearly impossible for the beginners in Blood Bowl 3.

Problematic Levelling Up System

Since Blood Bowl 3 follows the same rules introduced in Blood Bowl 2, the older version of the game went through several improvements to restrict certain perks, such as the leveling-up system. Under the new concept, players can use SPP (Star Player Points) as a budget to spend on new skills, ultimately becoming the super football player who would crush the hell out of beginner low-level players.

Leveling Up Concept from Blood Bowl 2

The restricted change in the leveling-up concept can make things even more challenging for online multiplayer in Blood Bowl 3. So, for instance, if a player has bought the exact skill they need to upgrade their characters, new players won’t stand a chance against them.

Runaway Leader Issue

Focusing on the main issue, Blood Bowl 3 will introduce a globally competitive tournament challenge that will follow a three-month season concept. Keeping that under consideration, a runaway leader problem can make things worse if the same rules of restricted leveling up the system are applied to it.

Kickoff Gameplay in Blood Bowl 3

According to the project manager Gautier Brésard, the developer’s team at Cyanide is working to make amendments to the rules followed in a competitive environment. Gautier assured us that improvements would be made with better development support and the upcoming ‘Blood Pass’ for introducing fresh content.

What Can Be the Potential Solution?

I think that Blood Bowl 3 can become a fairer game if the developers drop the ‘drafting’ rule from the game, which could increase the rehiring costs for players at the beginning of the new season. But it’s just an opinion. Gautier Brésard has not mentioned any possible solution for this problem and says that the team is on it to find one that suits the tabletop game’s digital environment.

Final Words

Like many other games launched in 2023, I believe the game developers will have to listen to what the audience has to say. I believe the players can propose a better solution after getting hands-on experience with rules and restrictions. However, I’m unsure if the skilled one would do it, as the multiplayer would become one-sided with the runaway leader issue.


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