FIFA 23: ALL About FIFA’s till now, how they have evolved, their common errors, and the last FIFA debate

FIFA started in 1993 and it’s going on till today. FIFA started as a pixelated 16-bit arcade game. Now the latest FIFA 23 is now going to be the last FIFA game made by EA. So the question arises who will continue the legacy of this most popular sport game on gaming platforms?

In this article, I will take you back in when the FIFA game series started. You will learn the whole FIFA order and FIFA evolution from the very first game.

Let’s get started!!!!!

1. FIFA International Soccer

The first game of the FIFA Series was “FIFA International Soccer” this game was released in early 1993. This game was traditionally a 16-bit game featuring the national team without using any player’s name.

fifa international soccer game

This game composes by Jeff Van Dyck & Graeme Coleman and the publisher is EA. This game is still available on some websites if you really FIFA enthusiastic then you should go and have a taste of the very first FIFA.

As this is the very first FIFA it comes with lots of bugs and is really easy to hack which makes players win easily.

Have a look at the FIFA international soccer gameplay.

Gameplay: FIFA International Soccer

2. FIFA 95

FIFA 95 was released in 1994. This game has similar gameplay as the previous version. FIFA 95 come up with a few minor changes and some of the bugs are solved.

fifa soccer 95 04

FIFA 95 is the first edition which comes with club teams with eight national teams US, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, and Brazil. FIFA 95 was released on saga genesis.

Gameplay: FIFA 95

3. FIFA 96

FIFA 96 was released in 1995. Now this version of FIFA is really different from the previous versions. FIFA 96 was the first game enabled with 3D graphics on some platforms.

fifa soccer 95 04 1

In this game players of the team come up with real player names and position rankings, and you can able to customize the team.

Players Rating: FIFA 96

Roberto Baggio99
Jose Bebeto99
Diego Maradona96
Paolo Maldini96
Lothar Matthaus96
Eric Cantona96
Gheorghe Hagi96
Alan Shearer96

Gameplay: FIFA 96

4. FIFA 97

FIFA 97 was released in June 1996. This game version comes with an increased number of playable leagues including Malaysia.


In FIFA 97 First time the commentary in gameplay feature is introduced. The commentary was done by john motson alongside andy gray and Des Lynam introducing matches.

FIFA 97 was released on Playstation, Gameboy, and Windows.

Players Rating: FIFA 97

Marco Rossi97
Jari Litmanen94
George Weah94
Gheorghe Hagi94
Lothar Matthaus94
David Seaman94
Eric Cantona94
Ryan Giggs94
Alan Shearer 94
Ruud Gullit 92

Gameplay: FIFA 97

5. FIFA: Road to World Cup 98

FIFA 98 was released in 1997. FIFA 98 second 3-D game and the fifth game of the FIFA series. This game come up with very good graphics increased the number of players and much more.

FIFA 98 cover

In this game, FIFA registered teams are available to play plus this game come up with the first featured song of the game.

Players Rating: FIFA 97

Ronaldo 97
George Weah96
Peter Schmeichel96
Raul Gonzalez95
Patrick Kluivert95
Paolo Maldini95
Roberto Baggio95
Alessandro Del Piero95
Marcel Desailly94
Fernando Hierro94

Gameplay: FIFA 98

6. FIFA 99

FIFA 99 was relaesed on 1998. In this version of FIFA 99, the Malaysian league is no more but the developers added the Portuguese and Belgium league.

Some of the European teams are not able to play in the leagues at that time. FIFA 99 launched on Windows, Nintendo, Playstation, and Dos.

Players Rating: FIFA 99

Raul Gonzalez94
Zinedine Zidane94
David Beckham94
Michael Owen94
Alessandro Del Piero94
Dennis Bergkamp94
Gabriel Batistuta94
Gianfranco Zola92
Christian Vieri 92
Andriy Shevchenko 92

Gameplay: FIFA 99

7. FIFA 2000

FIFA 2000 was released in 1999. FIFA 2000 come up with the changes in major leagues around the world. The American League is no more available in the FIFA 2000.


This game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, and game boy color.

Players Rating: FIFA 2000

Zinedine Zidane96
Andriy Shevchenko95
Raul Gonzalez94
Luis Figo94
Christian Vieri94
Ryan Giggs94
David Beckham93
David Seaman94

8. FIFA 2001

FIFA 2001 was released in 2000. In this version of the game For the first time football club’s emblems were introduced. And the shooting power bar is introduced.

15090 fifa 2001 major league soccer windows screenshot a free shot

FIFA 2001 was relaesed on playstaion, Playstation 2 and on Windows.

Player Rating: FIFA 2001

Zinedine Zidane95
Luis Figo94
Gabriel Batistuta94
Andriy Shevchenko94
Alessandro Nesta93
Thierry Henry93
David Beckham93
Raul Gonzalez93
Francesco Totti93

Gameplay: FIFA 2001

9. FIFA 2002

FIFA 2002 was relaesed in 2001k. In this new version of FIFA, the power bar for the shoot and pass was introduced. And Japan football is included in national teams.


This game was released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Playstation 2, and game cube.

Player Rating: FIFA 2002

Luis Figo97
Andriy Shevchenko95
Zinedine Zidane94
Oliver Kahn94
Francesco Totti93
Raul Gonzalez91
Juan Sebastian Veron89
David Beckham89
Michael Owen92

Gameplay: FIFA 2002

10. FIFA 2003

FIFA 2003 was relaes in 2002. This game came up with all “Freestyle Mode” and more famous players were added to national teams and clubs.

maxresdefault 7

This game was released on PlayStation 2, Windows, GameCube, game boy advance, Xbox, java.

Gameplay: FIFA 2003

Player Rating

Oliver Kahn95
Edgar Davids94
Roy Keane94
Patrick Vieira93
Rio Ferdinand93
Ruud van Nistelrooy93
Ronaldo 92
Michael Ballack92
Rivaldo 91
Roberto Carlos91

11. FIFA Football 2004

FIFA was released in 2003. In this FIFA Game players are allowed to take lower-ranked teams into top league competition.

1 RUtflou

In FIFA 2004 new gameplay feature “off the ball” was introduced which you can control two players in the box for passing.

Players Rating

Zinedine Zidane 96
Thierry Henry 95
Edgar Davids94
Pavel Nedved 92
Roberto Carlos91
David Beckham90
Raul Gonzalez90
Paolo Maldini 90
Andriy Shevchenko90

Gameplay: FIFA 2004

12. FIFA Football 2005

FIFA Football 2005 brings a well-improved career model. In this game, players are able to perform real-life tips and tricks in the game. This time FIFA 2005 brings the full Mexican league.

800full fifa football 2005 screenshot

Players Ratings: FIFA Football 2005

Thierry Henry 97
Gianluigi Buffon97
Zinedine Zidane96
Ruud van Nistelrooy95
Iker Casillas94
Alessandro Nesta 94
Patrick Vieira94
Sol Campbell93
Kaka 92

13. FIFA 06

FIFA 06 launched on 24 Oct 2005. This game brings more improvement from the previous games. There is a noticeable increase in the control of the game. And the Team Chemistry feature is launched in this game where you can understand which players will work with the team.

fifa 06 08

Players Rating

Ronaldinho 95
Gianluigi Buffon95
Iker Casillas93
Ronaldo 94
Petr Cech94
Adriano 94
Samuel Eto’o93
Wayne Rooney93
Andriy Shevchenko92
Thierry Henry92

Gameplay: FIFA 06

14. FIFA 07

FIFA 07 was released on 25 September 2006. In this FIFA game, not any significant changes are made just a few things introduced like Welby stadium and emirates and more customizations option for the team.

maxresdefault 8

Player Ratings: FIFA 07

Gianluigi Buffon92
Wayne Rooney92
Alessandro Nesta91
Thierry Henry90
Fabio Cannavaro90
John Terry90
Frank Lampard89
David Trezeguet89
Iker Casillas89

Gameplay: FIFA 07

15. FIFA 08

FIFA 08 was launched on September 2007. This version of FIFA introduced a new game mode called “Be a Pro” in which players only control the single player.

FIFA 2008 4

More clubs are added to the club’s section. League of Ireland and the Hyundai a-league of Australia.

Player Rating: FIFA 08

Cristiano Ronaldo90
Gianluigi Buffon90
Kaka 90
Ronaldinho 90
Petr Cech89
John Terry89
Steven Gerrard88
Wayne Rooney 88
Alessandro Nesta88
Carles Puyol88

Gameplay: FIFA 08

16. FIFA 09

FIFA 09 was released on 2nd October 2008. FIFA 09 introduced a feature called “FIFA 09 Clubs” allowing players to join clubs and field their strongest team online.


FIFA 09 also brings the first time the user-controlled goal celebration and the English commentator Tyldesley was replaced by Martin Tyler.

Players Rating: FIFA 09

Iker Casillas91
Cristiano Ronaldo91
Lionel Messi 90
Kaka 90
Gianluigi Buffon90
Zlatan Ibrahimovic89
Carles Puyol88
Alessandro Nesta88
Franck Ribery88
Fernando Torres88

Gameplay: FIFA 09

17. FIFA 10

FIFA 10 was released on September 28, 2009. in this version of FIFA, the extended manager feature is introduced where the assistant manager will prepare the teams and change the team lineup according to the upcoming matches.

fifa10 pc gameplay 001.jpg

Player Rating: FIFA 10

Iker Casillas91
Lionel Messi90
Cristiano Ronaldo89
Julio Cesar89
Zlatan Ibrahimovic88
Carles Puyol 88
Gianluigi Buffon88
Franck Ribery88
Nemanja Vidic88

Gameplay: FIFA 10

18. FIFA 11

FIFA 11 was released on September 28, 2010. FIFA 11 allows players to play as goalkeepers for the first time. FIFA 11 also replace the manager mode with the career mode.


Player Rating: FIFA 11

Lionel Messi90
Iker Casillas89
Cristiano Ronaldo89
David Villa88
Wayne Rooney88
Didier Drogba88
Diego Forlan87
Xavi Hernandez87
Arjen Robben87
Frank Lampard87

Gameplay: FIFA 11

19. FIFA 12

FIFA 12 was released on 28 September 2010. The first time FIFA 12 was launched and fully operational on MAC OS X. In this version of FIFA there is a significant improvement in Precision dribbling, tactical defending, and Pro player intelligence.

maxresdefault 9 1

Players Rating: FIFA 12

Lionel Messi94
Xavi Hernandez92
Cristiano Ronaldo 92
Andres Iniesta91
Arjen Robben90
Wayne Rooney90
Iker Casillas89
Nemanja Vidic89
Wesley Sneijder88
Gerard Pique88

Gameplay: FIFA 12

20. FIFA 13

FIFA 13 was released on 25 September 2012. FIFA 13 has only a few minor changes in the game. Attacking intelligence and complete dribbling with 1st touch control are the main advancements in the game.

fifa13 411461b

Players Rating: FIFA 13

Lionel Messi94
Cristiano Ronaldo89
Xavi Hernandez90
Andres Iniesta 90
Franck Ribery89
Nemanja Vidic89
Wayne Rooney89
Iker Casillas89
Radamel Falcao88
Robin van Persie88

Gameplay: FIFA 13

21. FIFA 14

FIFA was released on 23 September 2013. This FIFA look the same in the graphic but there are some new features like goal celebration of the top football players were added including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Gareth bale. FIFA 14 also introduces human intelligence with True player motion.

maxresdefault 10 1

Player Rating: FIFA 14

Lionel Messi94
Cristiano Ronaldo92
Radamel Falcao90
Franck Ribery89
Zlatan Ibrahimovic89
Xavi Hernandez89
Robin van Persie89
Andres Iniesta89
Sergio Aguero88
Bastian Schweinsteiger88

22. FIFA 15

FIFA 15 was released on September 2014. This is the first edition of FIFA where the technology partner is the English premier league. In this game, 20 stadiums were added with live television visuals and a live scoreboard.

maxresdefault 11 1

Player Ratings: FIFA 15

Lionel Messi93
Cristiano Ronaldo92
Arjen Robben90
Zlatan Ibrahimovic90
 Andres Iniesta 89
 Luis Suarez 89
Bastian Schweinsteiger88
Franck Ribery88
Eden Hazard88
 Philipp Lahm 87

Gameplay: FIFA 15

23. FIFA 16

FIFA 16 was released on September 2015. This game brings the female teams on board. Now players are able to play Female football with enhanced graphics and improved players’ motion.


Players Rating: FIFA 16

Lionel Messi94
Cristiano Ronaldo93
Luis Suarez90
Arjen Robben90
Eden Hazard89
Zlatan Ibrahimovic89
David Silva88
Thiago Silva88
Andres Iniesta88

Gameplay: FIFA 16

24. FIFA 17

FIFA 17 was released on 27 September 2016. This time FIFA brings the story mode to the game. This story is based on Alex hunter a fictional footballer.

FIFA 17 Career Match 0 0 QPR V RIZ 1st Half

Player Rating: FIFA 17

Cristiano Ronaldo94
Lionel Messi 93
Luis Suarez92
Manuel Neuer92
Gareth Bale90
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 90
Jerome Boateng 90
Robert Lewandowski90
David De Gea90

25. FIFA 18

FIFA 18 was released on 29 September 2017. This time FIFA brings ultimate team icons on all platforms and introduced the Cruyff turn.

fifa 18 04.big

Player Rating: FIFA 18

Cristiano Ronaldo94
Lionel Messi 93
Luis Suarez92
Manuel Neuer92
Robert Lewandowski91
Sergio Ramos90
Eden Hazard90
Toni Kroos90
Gonzalo Higuain90

Gameplay: FIFA 18

26. FIFA 19

FIFA 19 was released on 13 September 2018. FIFA 19 introduce the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and Super cup competitions to the game. And the final chapter of the story mode based on Alex hunter was released too. New commentators Derek Rae and Lee Dixon feature in the UEFA champions league.

fifa19 gameplay

Player Rating: FIFA 19

Lionel Messi94
Cristiano Ronaldo94
Luka Modric91
Kevin De Bruyne91
Eden Hazard91
Sergio Ramos91
Luis Suarez91
David De Gea91
Toni Kroos90

Gameplay: FIFA 19

27. FIFA 20

FIFA 20 was released on 24 September 2019. FIFA 20 introduce the volta mode (Street Football mode). This is the first time FIFA street appears in the main franchise. Zinedine Zidane was the star icon of FIFA 20.

maxresdefault 12 1

Players Rating: FIFA 20

Lionel Messi94
Cristiano Ronaldo93
Eden Hazard 91
Kevin De Bruyne91
Jan Oblak91
Virgil van Dijk91
Mo Salah91
Luka Modric91
Manuel Neuer90

Gameplay: FIFA 20

28. FIFA 21

FIFA 21 was released on 6th October 2020. There are rumors that time that the game will not release due the pandemic situation. But EA makes sure the release of the game. This game was released in October while every other game before that was release in September.

maxresdefault 14 1

Kylian Mbappe is the game cover star replacing the chirstiano Ronaldo.

Player Rating

Lionel Messi93
Cristiano Ronaldo92
Jan Oblak91
Virgil van Dijk90

Gameplay: FIFA 21

29. FIFA 22

FIFA 22 was released on 27 September 2021. FIFA 22 brings the “HyperMotion Technology” this technology enhance the gameplay and make it more real. This technology only available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Stadia.

FIFA 22 psg chelsea lukaku goal

Player Rating: FIFA 22

Lionel Messi93

Gameplay: FIFA 22

30. FIFA 23

FIFA 23 was released on 26 September 2022. This 30th and the last edition of the by the EA developers. This game comes with enhanced security features like EA anti-cheat service. In this game, the developer improves the players tackling and movement power and improves the stadium atmosphere try to make it more realistic.

FIFA 23 Gameplay

Player Ratings: FIFA 23

Karim Benzema91
Robert Lewandowski91
Kylian Mbappe91
Kevin De Bruyne91
Lionel Messi91
Mohamed Salah90
Virgil van Dijk90
Cristiano Ronaldo90
Thibaut Courtois90

Gameplay: FIFA 23

So that’s all of the FIFA editions till now.

Lets answer your highly asked question in the FAQ section.


Most popular song of FIFA Game all time?

According to Spotify data the most popular song from 90 and till is (Glass animal -Heat Waves).

Why FIFA 23 is the last FIFA?

FIFA 23 is the last installment of EA sports FIFA franchise but this does not mean there no more FIFA video game for the fans. Hopefully, more FIFA will come but now new developer will make FIFA.

Why is EA and FIFA splitting?

The FIFA & EA sports unable to continue there partnership due unable to settle down the agreement. Some rumors said that FIFA wants more licensing fee from EA Sports due to the rise in the profits in previous FIFA games editions. Instead of increasing the licensing fee EA decides to split their ways from FIFA.

What will FIFA 24 be called?

FIFA 24 will might stay the same but will be developed by a new game development company or may be if FIFA did not reach an agreement with any company FIFA game may observe a gap year. Meanwhile, EA will launch its own EA Sports FC next year for soccer fans.


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