Roblox Keeps Crashing  [Android Edition]

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Roblox Keeps Crashing Android?  Roblox Keeps Freezing on Android? 

No, Worries! We Have a Fix

Why is Roblox keep crashing?

1. Server failure 

2. Unstable Internet

3. Outadted PC 

4. Corrupted file  

5. Old internet settings

5 Reasons Why

Solution 1: Clear Mobile Device Cache to Fix Roblox Keeps Crashing Android

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Roblox generally works fine with Android, but compatibility issues can crop up sometimes and affect your game 


1.Go to Settings > App

2. Look for Roblox.

3.Tap on Storage and then Clear Cache.

4. Tap on Clear data and then tap OK from the pop-up menu.

Solution 2:

Restart your Device 

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Solution 3:

Force Stop Roblox to Fix Roblox Crashing My Phone

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Mostly Roblox app gets minor errors or glitches leading to Roblox keeps crashing Android 11 tablets. 

– Go to your Chrome browser setting – Select Extension

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