Top 10  Risk of Rain 2 Mods

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Top 10  Risk Of Rain 2 Mods 


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01. MinerUnearthed

It includes the features such as Drill Charge, BackBlast, and To The Stars! The Miner attacks by getting closer to the enemy and using Pickaxes.

02. Gunslinger

The Gunslinger comes with extra skins, skills, and map gradients. 

03. Sniper

The character has the primary weapon known as the sniper rifle and can do damage of 600% to 900% to his enemies. 

04. Enforcer

The Enforcer is equipped with a riot shotgun, a shield and also includes tear gas. 

05. Goku

The developer Kinggrinyov created Goku in such a way that enables players to attract monsters using Kamehameha, and Spirit Bomb. 

06. Lemurian

Lemurian mod with so many new skins and skills that when it will spit fire on the enemies it will gain more power  

07. ShareSuite

ShareSuite is one of those Risk of Rain 2 mods that help to share the loot equally

08. BiggerBazaar

BiggerBazaar has friendly user settings which means you can adjust the base cost and rarity of items appearing at Newt’s shop. 

09. Multitude

Multitudes By Wildbook mod make the game challenging by increasing the number of players and also the stage difficulty

10. StartingItemsGUI

It gives you the money to buy items and choose those which are permanent unlocks

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