Microsoft Signs 10-Year Call of Duty Deal to Impress Regulators

Microsoft has signed another 10-year deal for Call of Duty, with the intention to make cross-platform support clear to regulators.

Earlier this week, Microsoft officially announced that they had signed a 10-year deal to introduce the Xbox and PC games to a not-so-well-known Ukraine-based platform called the Boosteroid. Microsoft’s Vice Chairman and President further elaborated on this move to make a deal by mentioning in their statement,

“It also adds to our recent agreements with Nintendo and NVIDIA, making even more clear to regulators that our acquisition of Activision Blizzard will make ‘Call of Duty’ available on far more devices than before.”

This new deal comes after Microsoft’s 10-year agreement with Nvidia to bring the Xbox and PC games to Nvidia’s Now Streaming Service. On the other hand, Microsoft also entered a deal to get Call of Duty on Nintendo consoles. In a recent social post, the Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, confirmed the deal by mentioning that they intend to make these deals to endorse cross-platform support by giving their players various choices.

How is the Microsoft Call of Duty Deal Going to Impact Gaming?

This deal will bring huge changes for gamers as Nvidia GeForce Now and Boosteroid will allow users to access their own gaming libraries through the accounts they’ve set up from the third-party PC gaming platforms. This initiative differentiates the platforms from subscription-based streaming services like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass. These services offer unlimited access to libraries under a defined fee without asking for additional purchases.

These cross-platform deals to enhance the gaming experience have been a part of Microsoft’s full-court press attempt to ease the tensions of international regulators. More deals are expected in the upcoming weeks, as mentioned to the Wall Street Journal by Microsoft’s Vice Chairperson and President Brad Smith.


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