PSN &  Discord  Can Be Integrated

How to Set Up?

PSN &  Discord  Can Be Integrated

YOU Guessed It Right!!!

Discord already has a PSN integration feature available

It's Official, and the Roll Out is Global

You can  Access it now!

This Integration  gives you: 

the ability to link your PSN account from Discord and display your: 1. PlayStation®4  2. PlayStation®5  game activity in your user profile! 

Want to make your console colorful?

Want your friends to join your game?

Just integrate PSN  with Discord and your friends can join along with you and see what game you are playing.

How to Set Up?

Let’s guide you to set up your PSN Account Integration.

1. Open Discord

2. Go to User Settings by clicking on the Settings icon in the left pane.

3. Now head to Connections 

4. You’ll see a New Logo: A Playstation Logo

5. Click on it and that should open a browser window to get your PSN account details and authorize them

6. All you need is to put it in your PSN ID and Password to authorize it  

7. You should see your PSN account connected

8. This is how your profile will look like 

Personalize Your Space

We loved the new integration and we would love to know how you will make use of this integration!