How To Make Nintendo Switch Download Faster

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How To Make Nintendo Switch Download Faster

Are you facing Console Not Responding Error?

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Did your Nintendo Switch is unable to download games at a faster speed? 

Solution 1

Update Nintendo Switch

The outdated Nintendo Switch is might causing some barriers to downloading games at a faster speed on the console.  Nintendo Switch auto-updates it's on its own. But sometimes unavailability of the internet might cause Nintendo to skip the update. 


1. Open the Nintendo Switch 

2. Go to Home Menu

3.Select System Setting

4.Scroll on the left menu

5.Find and select Data Management

Increase the size of the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)

Increasing the size of the MTU will give Nintendo more data access whenever Nintendo requests it before increasing the MTU Nintendo Switch is limited to having small data from the internet which leads to slow download in Nintendo Switch. 

Power Cycling Internet Router

Sometimes, a corrupted DNS cache may accumulate or other startup configurations in the router leading to Nintendo Switch Error Code 2002-2060 

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