How to Activate Twitch Account

Are you wondering How to Activate Twitch on a Different Platform?  Or

Don't worry about it! 

You are unable to make Twitch Active on your PC/Console/TV/Mobile?

How do I activate my Twitch account?

To Activate a Twitch account follow the step mentioned down below: 

1. Go to the Twitch website 

2. Log in to the site

3. If the account is deactivated then you will receive a welcome message with "Your account currently deactivated"

4.  There is a Reactivate button Click on it 

5. The reactivate process will start

6.After the process, you will receive this message "Your account has been activated"

Is Twitch supported on Xbox 360?

4. Now a new page will open.

Yes, Twitch is supported on Xbox 360 and many of the Xbox versions support Twitch easily. You can download Twitch from the Microsoft store in Xbox. 

More steps and   Detailed Solution  on our Article

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