Upcoming Features in macOS 13

Everyone is getting curious about what Apple will unveil at the event.

At this year’s WWDC event, everyone is expecting that Apple will release the major software updates to all of its operating systems.

But you don’t have to wait for the WWDC as through some leaks and reports we know some features that might be included in the upcoming updates.

Everything we know so far!

This year Apple is very tight-lipped about the macOS 13. We only know a few details about the macOS 13.


In the past, Apple has chosen California’s landmarks names and Mammoth refers to the lake in California and it is close to Monterey, so this could be it. 

Following the pattern of the name releases, Mammoth is the name expected for the macOS 13. 

Rumored Features:

We might see a makeover of the default apps. 

According to the well-connected Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that to bring it in more line with the Settings app, an overhauled System Performance will be added

I think you have to wait for the WWDC event to know more features about macOS 13.

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